VIDEO: Kanye West performs at Texas Jail

Before Kanye West touched down at Joel Olsteen’s church, he made a guest appearance at a local Texas Jail.

On Friday, Kanye West and his choir performed at Harris County Jail adding a little light to people who needed it, according to HCJ Sheriff’s Office. During the performance, inmates were caught lifting their hands, praying and getting quite emotional.

Texas inmates lifting hands
Inmates at Harris County Jail lifting their hands, during Kanye West performance at Harris County Jail. Courtesy: Harris County Sheriff’s Office

The choir performed for both male and female inmates.

Female inmates getting emotional during Kanye West performance. Courtesy: Harris County Sheriff’s Office


“I’m a lifelong law enforcement officer, one HCJ officer told the crowd during the video. I started going serving my community here in my hometown, but we need to be firm with crime. We want our community safe, everybody does. But we don’t have to lose our humanity and our compassion.”

I watched the video a few times and I must say, I’m impressed. One thing is for sure Kanye is changing lives.

Please view full video: HERE

Inmates praying during Kanye West performance Courtesy: Harris County Sheriff’s Office

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