‘I can do it’ Latina media manager changes community with Spanish digital series

One media manager in North Carolina is taking the digital wave to another level by producing her own Spanish segment at her local television station.

Dalisa Michelle Robles-Iglesias, a Digital Media Manager at WNCT created a Spanish series called “Minuto a Minuto”, which discusses the latest news in the east area of North Carolina in about one minute.

Robles-Iglesias recently did a Facebook live interview inside a Facebook group for journalists, where she detailed the need for Hispanic representation on television. During the interview Robles-Iglesias said due to the growing Hispanic population in her area, a Spanish-tailored segment was needed to ensure everyone was represented equally.

“Is there a topic that you want me to investigate or anything that you want me to highlight?, Robles-Iglesias said during her Facebook live interview.  ” [It’s] all about creating a relationship with the Hispanic community, like hey [you] have a voice [at] our station.”


We also asked Robles-Iglesias some questions offline, about the community’s response to her digital Spanish-segment,  diversity and much more. Here is the conversation below:

Q: What does diversity mean to you?

D. Robles-Iglesias: For me diversity is a way to connect with others. Coming from Puerto Rico, I was raised acknowledging that diversity is important for us as human beings. Imagine a world without diversity? Boring and plain. With diversity you learn a lot about others by the way they speak, act and feel pride of where they come from. There’s nothing wrong with diversity. Right now, we should embrace it and recognize that diversity help us to build a better world.

Q: How does it feel to represent your [Hispanic] community in North Carolina? 

D. Robles-Iglesias: Representing Latinos in North Carolina is an honor. I never imagined having the opportunity to create a space for the Latino community in Greenville, North Carolina. Having that chance, allows me to prove others that there’s a space for everything. It shows others that there’s nothing you can’t do. Being part of a minority is tough, but opening the door to pave the way to others is a blessing. I’m forever grateful to work at a station that embraces diversity.

Q: What changes do you plan to make while creating these videos? 

D. Robles-Iglesias: Creating a newscast in Spanish is more than just inform, is a way to show the world that we are more than a minority. Having the power to inform is a blessing. With that power I wish to reach out to that audience that needs a voice. A voice that gets where they come from and their struggles. Letting the Latino community know that they have someone they can relate to.

Q:How do you think your videos have impacted the Latino community?

D. Robles-Iglesias: I think my videos have opened a door for Latinos. When I first got here, I noticed barely no one speaks Spanish. One thing that really identify us as Latinos is that we make sure everyone feels at home, and that’s the main goal with Minuto a Minuto en ENC. Make them feel at home even though they may be far away. Keeping them inform[ed] and make them feel part of something big.

Q: What are the hard topics you choose when creating your videos?

D. Robles-Iglesias: I make sure I include topics like crime and politics in my videos. Those two topics are very important for the community. Informing about crime is a way to make them know what areas they need to avoid or be on the lookout. And with politics, it affects everyone. In an extent, politics is what moves the world so I make sure what politics topics can affect people state and nationwide.

Q:What’s been the reaction to your Spanish segment? 

D. Robles-Iglesias: I’m more than happy to know that people in Greenville really like Minuto a Minuto en ENC. People share the videos and react to them. With my segment, other organizations have reached out to get a space to share information like Better Business Bureau in Raleigh, Sound Rivers and Kinston Down East Wood Ducks. With this last one, we are in the works to interviews Hispanic baseball players and talk more about the importance of Latinos in sports.

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