‘I’m a mother, wife and followed my dreams to inspire my children” So, I started my television career in Nebraska during my 30’s

Greetings! Quick Favor: Before you read this story take a breath and open your mind. Remove the “judgement hat” if you have one and take a stroll into someone else’s life for a moment. Rather a supermom based in Florida tapping into her passion.

Supermom: Tiffany Maddox, a mother of four, and wife began her television career during a time where most women start preparing for a family. Maddox graduated college in 2009 and didn’t start her first on-air reporting job until 2018. Maddox told LookWeAreIncluded.com, becoming a reporter was something she’s always talked about, but lost sight of after entering motherhood.

“I am in my thirties! Although this has always been my dream it is a total career change for me. I worked in health care all throughout undergrad and continued doing so after college. I held several internships throughout college in PR, radio, print and television. My first newsroom experience came as an intern at WDIV in Detroit. It was my deciding factor in wanting to be a TV reporter,” Maddox told us.

Maddox told us she lost site of her goals [and] remained depressed for years because she never got a chance to live out the dream of being a reporter. “I can’t be a great mom if I’m not doing what makes me happy, so I decided to go for it, “Maddox said.

After researching game-changing people in the industry, she connected with influential reporter, and social media guru Kristen Pope who manages  The Positive Controversy with Kristen Pope.

Maddox told us they worked on the fundamental skills of reporting [which took some time], developed a reel and prepared for one of the biggest conferences in journalism. Maddox attended the National Association of Black Journalists Conference in Detroit, which happens to be her hometown and by November 2018 landed her first job offer in Nebraska.

She accepted the job and told us it was a journey! “I made mistake[s] of course, lots of them, but I became so much better. Unfortunately, I was too far from my family and it didn’t work out..”

But this small hiccup didn’t stop her:

One year later,  News15 KADN/KLAF (FOX/NBC) in Lafayette, Louisiana hired her as a Multimedia Journalist and she’ll be on the road reporting more stories.


Throughout the entire process we’re aware her story beats the odds. A mother who decided to pack her bags and follow her dreams may come as a surprise, but Maddox’s husband and children agreed this would set their family up for success.

With all that being said: Now, her daughter wants to learn how to write news stories. It’s true your children are what they see.

Well, what did her husband, children and family say about her life-changing move? LookWeAreIncluded.com asked her those questions below and dove into more of Tiffany’s life.

Q: You have a very supportive husband. When you told him you wanted to go pursue your reporting career in Nebraska, what did he say? What was your family’s reaction?

A: Jamil and I have have been together since 1999! He was in college and I was still in high school when we began dating. He’s watched me grow from an outgoing high school junior, to college student, dating for seven years, graduating, becoming his wife and becoming a mom. Becoming a reporter was something I always talked about, but lost sight of it all after entering motherhood. In 2018 when I decided to just go for it, he was all in. I’ve been there for his growth as a professional so it was only right for him to-be supportive. It also helped that he truly believed I have the talent and potential as well. He certainly wasn’t surprised I was offered a job, but he was shocked it was in Nebraska. He supported me either way. My kids were super excited to visit a new state. The rest of my family thought I was crazy, but they knew being in the business is something I really wanted.

Tiff and bae

Q: What’s your end goal? Do you want to be on network, or have a television show?

A: While being on a network doesn’t sound bad, my end goal is a pretty simple one. I want to be on the anchor desk doing a morning show in a market where my family can benefit (schools, social life etc). I started my family in Jacksonville, Florida and my kids have always called it home. I guess I can put it into existence that I’d love to work in that market as an end goal. I’m not hard to please lol.

Q: What was the conversation in the household when you told your children you would be headed to your first television job?

A: My older two kids knew early on that I wanted to work in television news. They have seen reels from years ago, lol. They’ve always asked questions about it. They were pretty excited to hear I’d be doing what I’ve always wanted. I explained to them that by mom doing what she loves also will make me a better mother. I love being a great example for them. No matter how long it took, I still took a leap of faith and went for it! My kids are interested in the behind the scenes process for a news broadcast. My daughter who is 10 also loves to write and said she wants to learn how to write a news story. To be able to inspire my crew in any way makes me very happy. My kids are learning about sacrifice. In the end, when I’m an anchor in Jacksonville (gotta keep putting it into existence) everything we are going through as a family will all be worth it.

Q: Now that your headed to LA, what’s your current life status now?

A: I am currently in Louisiana while my husband and kids are in Florida. We’ve got visits planned out and are determined to keep things as normal as possible during my time here.

Q: What changes do you want to make in media?

A: I’m part of a very diverse team where I am right now. However, I think I am probably the oldest reporter. I want to continue to tell my story in hopes to inspire women and men who may feel like they are too old for the business (that was a factor in me not going for it in the past) to take that out the equation. Even though I don’t have a lot of technical experience with shooting, writing and editing one thing that sets me apart from a lot of my younger coworkers is my life experience. I have so much to offer and add to a story. I’ve come to learn that’s an asset.


Q: How do you think this affects your family?

A: My husband and I have made sure that our kids understand that mommy and daddy have a plan and a vision with an end goal. We are being strategic with future markets etc. Although I’m not present on a daily basis, I try to make sure they know I’m there for them no matter what. At the end of the day I am a wife and mother first. Making sure they’re good is my first priority. I’m definitely teaching my crew about sacrifice. I have a lot of family that question how we’re doing our thing. Those people don’t understand our vision so I can’t focus on my doubters. What I can focus on is God, working hard to provide for my family and working hard on improving myself spiritually and professionally.

Q: You will motivate a lot of women to pursue their career. What else do you want to tell a woman in your shoes?

A: After doubting myself for years, I finally came to my senses and took that leap in 2018. I became a very humble person that year. Reaching out to mentors, looking at myself on camera again after not doing it since college, learning how to shoot and edit all over again made me extremely humble. I say all that to say, stay humble and what’s for you is for you! I had the potential and talent in 2009, and I realized I still held that same potential in 2018. Don’t live on a timeline! I think not breaking into the business at 26 and going through all I went through up until this point made me strong enough for this tough business! Everyone’s timeline is different. Keep dreaming, keep pushing because it will come to fruition.

Q: Tell us about your new gig!? 

A: I am just ending my first week as an mmi for KADN/News15 in Lafayette Louisiana! The whole team is welcoming and my news director is awesome! He’s really wanting to help me grow and learn. I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’m excited, super nervous and even doubting myself at times, but in order for me to grow I have to get uncomfortable! I’m excited for my family and myself to learn about the culture here and am already making of list of spots to try some of this amazing food with my family when they visit.

Q: Tell us anything else you want us to know!

A: For anyone who may have always wanted to do something they think is unattainable, it’s never too late!

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