‘No more living paycheck-to-paycheck’ Alabama woman creates Finance business sparking attention across the globe

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One woman is sparking attention across the globe with a new finance business that’s helping people break generational poverty.

Erica Pugh, the founder and CEO of IncomeReinvented.org  created an eCourses finance-program, inspiring people to turn their passion into additional income. Did you read that correctly—passion? Your gift. The thing you’ve been sitting on, Pugh’s teaching people how to make money from it.

She received her bachelors and Masters of Accountancy from Alabama State University and is currently a Ph.D. doctoral candidate at Walden University.

Pugh’s most notable course is “Side Hustle University” a program designed to pinpoint your niche and develop plans for you to start making revenue. And yes everyone loves the name. 

With Income Reinvented, we are trying to break the tradition of solely relying on student loans and 9 to 5 jobs. We do this by teaching participants to manage their money and take something they enjoy to earn extra money. We do not guarantee that everyone will become millionaires, but it is highly possible to bring in more than $290 per week (full time minimum wage BEFORE any withholding’s or deductions), Pugh said during her interview with LookWeAreIncluded.com 

Limited Spaces for Membership: HERE

Contact Information: info@incomereinvented.org


Why should you become a member of IncomeReinvented.org? Listen, this could be the difference between steak and noodles. You have a gift-talent that needs to be showcased and you must begin now. 2020 is the year of vision and success, but how are you going to have it if you can’t manage your finances? 

Now, let’s think: $290 can come in handy for a lot of things. If  You’re a college graduate, starting a new full-time job, but your main paycheck isn’t cutting the bills. Pugh will coach and instruct you to focus your spare time in a profitable way.

Q: What does a membership include? I’m ready to sign up. 

A: Yes, The classes and coaching are affordable for students and professionals. Sign Up Today: HERE

“Once a participant signs up, they have access to all the available courses and a new one is created each month. Each course includes a short video on the topic and exercises to complete. The videos are short because I understand that people are short on time. Though there are exercises, there are no deadlines. Instead participants log on and complete the courses in their free time at their own pace,” Pugh told LookWeAreIncluded.com.

There are 3 memberships:
Income Management – focuses on learning to properly manage your money
Income Creation – participants learn to take something they enjoy and turn it into a side hustle
Combined Membership – for those who want access to both income management and income creation courses


For those who need accountability, a membership is available that come with coaching. They are:
Side Hustle University – this is the combined membership with hands on help to get your side income established
Cash 4 College – combined membership for students starting their side hustle in effort to avoid student loan debt


Do not forget about Scholarships! You can eliminate student debt, while in college by developing your own side hustle to pay tuition. Register Here: Avoid student loan debt with this eCourse


LookWeAreInlcuded.com spoke with Erica Pugh, the founder and CEO of IncomeReinvented.org about how her program works and how her family background shapes the beliefs of her company.

Q: I’m working a 9-5, how do I find time for a side hustle?

A: Honestly – the same way we find time for everything else. It’s about the desire to want more or better for you and your family. Living paycheck to paycheck was stressful to me. I was fed up and tired of filling out applications for salaries that still wouldn’t be enough. My virtual courses are created for those short on time. They are accessible from your smartphone and offer mini courses on various topics. Most courses consist of a short video and an exercise for participants to complete. The topics are broken down so people don’t have to spend hours of their day working on one thing. Instead, you can tell you are making progress as you advance through each course.

Q: Is this course for business owners or regular Joe’s trying to earn extra money?

A: I would say the regular Joe. This person knows they need to get in control of their finances to have a better life. They may or may not have thought about owning a business. That’s why we call it a “side hustle.” We want to inspire people to at least attempt to make money on the side. Once we convince them they have the ability to do so, we can move on to business ownership.

Q: What in your family life prompted you to start a finance business?

A: Living the same situation I am trying to help others avoid. Luckily I received a full ride scholarship for undergrad at Alabama State University. However, to be more marketable to employers, I had to further my degree – that led to me taking on student loans. After receiving a Masters of Accountancy, I received an Accounting position and worked my way up in the department. Even with exceeding expectations and promotions, I was able to qualify for an Income Based repayment plan of $0.00. That’s horrible – that means the federal government doesn’t think I make enough to afford a monthly payment!! However, I still owed the debt. It was still accruing interest. And I still did not make enough to pay it. My thoughts were – let me go back for a Ph.D. so can earn a Professor’s salary. That lead to taking on more debt while working a career that did not pay enough and struggling to work on a doctoral degree. THEN – I find out my eligibility for federal loans is coming to an end and the only other options are private loans (those are have worse stipulations and terms than federal loans).  My personal experience is actually shared by many people. I prayed and meditated on better pay and the ability to be available to my family when needed – this is what God gave me! It has allowed me to pay for the last 2 semesters out of pocket! Income reinvented helps others do the same (whether you are interested in college or not).

Q: What’s financial freedom?

A: To me, it is the ability to buy what you want when you want it. If i need to pay a bill, being able to pay it without making an arrangement or wondering if I make it to my next check. The ability to go on vacation or handle an emergency without putting myself in a bind – that to me is financial freedom.

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