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‘Red Spade’ –real name Vincent Wilson is sparking attention across social media.

Red Spade, originally from Wilmington, Delaware wants people to know that “The world won’t feel you if you don’t feel yourself first.”

After graduating high school from St.Georges, he enrolled at the University of Delaware, but later transferred to Del-Tech. Red Spade tells us his family supported him through college, in addition to working two full-time jobs while juggling his music career. He majored in Exercise Science, the study of the bodily movements that contribute to human fitness, holistic wellness and longevity, but that didn’t last long.

LookWeAreIncluded.com asked Red Spade: With everything you were working towards why did you stop attending college? 

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“I just lost interest…plain and simple. A close friend of mine, Tre passed away while I was early into college. This made me think deep on what I really wanted out of life and what I was doing for myself. I decided on music because it was something that was always a part of my life, but decided to build my brand because I didn’t want to be just another guy making music. I had a bigger picture in mind. As I went through college building things up as well as performing while still doing classes, I figured things out by the time I graduated. I wanted to drop out multiple times, but my Mom spoke to me and asked me “what is your plan” and that’s what kept me in college.” Spade told LookWeAreIncluded.com


Last year, he performed at the University of Delaware and had quite the crowd. “It was a great time and it actually was the first time I had a crowd know and sing the words to my song “Yeah Im Poppin”, which is on all streaming platforms and on YouTube as well. I didn’t even have to say some of the lyrics myself. I still get excited when I think about it,” Red Spade told us.

This cell phone video was provided by Red Spade | LookWeAreIncluded.com did not take this video 

“When people listen to my music I want them to feel that I stand out. I want them to realize that I feel completely comfortable having my own lane and creating my own wave while building my brand and legacy. My music is fun and I want others to have fun with majority of my music but I also want people to be able to stop and think on what I’m really saying,” Red Spade told LookWeAreIncluded.com”


Red Spade influences a great number of people and with so much responsibility LookWeAreIncluded.com wanted to know how does your music stand out from other artists? 

Juneteenth Photo“I’m trying my best to bring back a feeling I used to get when I heard my favorite songs when I was younger. My music doesn’t glorify violence. but it does glorify being different and making yourself into your own boss. I understand that music is a reflection of some people’s environments and I don’t frown upon it at all. I reflect on a lot of the people I’m close to and their lives. The issue that I want to address is how a lot of music is viewed as similar. I want to raise the bar for music the best way I can and create and or recreate something that can be viewed as dope, different and prolific. When people hear my music or see me perform I want it remembered and not seen as another song that just played.”

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LookWeAreIncluded.com: Would you call yourself the creative producer behind your music videos or do you have a team for that?

Red Spade: When I do my music videos I have a concept and idea already in mind. I like 6B5348B0-36E5-45B5-9EFD-1CE9804C2B2Bto collaborate with the videographer and bounce ideas off one another to make a smoother process as well as potentially build off new ideas that are brought up. Initially I am the creative producer but by the end of the shoot it is teamwork between myself and the videographer for all my videos as co-directors.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How do you plan to make a difference with your music?

Red Spade: I have a very positive outlook on life. A lot of people have and still do come to me for advice or tell me that they look up to me simply based off of the work I have put in and the quality that I put out. I want nothing but good energy when it comes to my brand. I want people to feel safe when they listen to me. I want people to feel motivated to go out and be the best them possible in the most positive way while still keeping their own integrity. As my brand grows I want to effect the youth as well as those who guide the youth with and without my music. Leading by example has always been a strong area of mine and I plan to use that in multiple ways as I grow.




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