‘Saving for your 401k?’ ‘FedUp’ CEO and founder, Tim McCleskey Jr. talks financial freedom on The Ladiez Room Talk Show

Timothy-McCleskey_086Tim McCleskey Jr., CEO and Founder of ‘Fed Up’, Financially Educated with Unlimited Potential wants to people to learn one thing: To put their money in a 401k savings account. You assumed it was going to read where their mouth is right? Well, that too.

McClesky, author of Volcanic Eruption of Debt  is dedicating his life to help people achieve financial freedom and success.

He kicked of 2020 by appearing on The Ladiez Room National Talk Show, hosted by Clarissa Kenty, a social media program tailored discuss real topics affecting day-to-day life.  During the interview, he discussed the importance on saving for retirement and living debt free.

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Capture“Though most [people] have income from three sources they still [don’t] have enough money to maintain the same lifestyle after working several years. The problem I found was not income, but debt,”… Even as they approached retirement and understood that something needed to change it was challenging for them to undo the bad behavior with money that they had worked so long to adopt,” McCleskey said.


“I found that most people are allowing their behavior to bully them,” McCleskey said during his interview.

McCleskey told LookWeAreIncluded.com, he helps people with student loans by using the Four Legs of Balance system. “Many people now realize they are paying daily interest and have no idea how to get rid of this debt. By using their Four Legs of Balance they begin to see how possible living without student loan debt really is,” McCleskey said.

McCleskey told us he has over 198 clients and personally coaches almost 100 people. So, why are so many people attracted to ‘Fed Up’?

Imagine putting the of max $19,500 in a 401K. “Naturally most people don’t think its possible. Yet when I show them that they are already paying others this same amount of money or more it then becomes real to them. Once they are Financially Educated about their own behaviors, they can then develop behaviors to have Unlimited Potential with money they already use,” McCleskey LookWeAreInlcuded.com.


“With FedUp, my focus is to help people understand how their own behavior with money is hindering them. It’s hard for people to be accountable to something they don’t know about themselves. But once they know, now they just must decide to do!”



LookWeAreIncluded.com asked Tim McCleskey Jr. some frequently asked questions people might have registering for ‘FedUp’, so let’s take a look. 

LookWeAreInlcuded.com: When did you start ‘FedUp’ and what inspired you to start the company?

Mr. McCleskey: While working as Federal Financial Retirement Counselor, I noticed that over 68% of employees who would retire with a pension, social security and a 401K plan called [a] Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and [were] still uncomfortable with the idea of retiring. Though most would have income from three sources they still didn’t have enough money to maintain the same lifestyle after working several years. The problem I found was not income, but debt. The primary reason most couldn’t retire when they wanted was because they hadn’t learned to manage their debt while working. Even as they approached retirement and understood that something needed to change it was challenging for them to undo the bad behavior with money that they had worked so long to adopt.

LookWeAreInlcuded.com: I’m considered an ‘average joe’, but I need to get my finances in order. Mr. McCleskey is this program for me?

Mr. McCleskey: My target audience is middle America. Mostly people between the ages of 35 and 65. There is a great gender gap, mostly because of the makeup of the settings I’m in with federal offices. They consist of mostly women between the ages of 40 and 60. I believe this is due largely to the environment in each specific office where I conduct seminars. I do tend to see more clients over the age of 45 just because I believe their focus is more on retirement where the younger clients are focused on how much money they can accumulate over their career.

LookWeAreInlcuded.com: What does the membership include?

Mr. McCleskey: The membership includes an evaluation of each of their Legs of Balance – The Leg of Awareness, Leg of Freedom, Leg of Retirement, and Leg of Savings. Once they have completed the exercises to organically create their personal Legs of Balance, I then show them how fast their debt can be erupted. We will then have a monthly group conference call to make sure everyone is staying accountable and focused on their goals. As debts are paid we help by reminding them of the next debt to focus on until they have the system working for them with understanding. Once the debts are paid we then help them focus on saving and adding money to their retirement accounts. This process is designed to help people change their behavior with money, not to just pay off debt. I don’t pay debts for people. I help them see why they have debt and show them what to do to not only eliminate it fast, but what behaviors need to change so they don’t incur the debt again.

LookWeAreInlcuded.com: You have spoken at so many conferences. What’s your most memorable one?

Mr. McCleskey: I have spoken at several events over the past several years. Most with federal agencies. I have had opportunities to speak with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), PDI for the American Society of Military Comptrollers(ASMC), Association for the Improvement of Minorities in the IRS(AIM-IRS), Regional Conference Meetings for Social Security Managers Associations, Bureau of Prison Workshops (BOP) and countless workshops in Social Security Offices (SSA) in over 15 states. Lately, I have begun to conduct workshops at churches which allows me to help people to understand how they can truly use their talents and gifts most effectively when they don’t have debt hanging over their head. By working with these organizations, it has not only helped me to develop a great working relationship with several organizations, but it increases my opportunities to help more people. Presently I have booked several federal offices and churches through June of 2020.

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