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IMG_9117Christen Miller, CEO of Future Endeavors Life Program (FELP) and Hope and Vision Outreach is lead by two words: ministry and purpose. As the owner of two businesses and a community advocate she understands that hard work amounts to success, but how does she push through challenges when they arise?

Miller a life coach and an author wrote a book called ‘31 Blessons‘ (available now) taking readers on her journey from being a military brat, to 8.5 years of post secondary education, trials-tribulations, stepping out on faith from a 9-5 employee to now a successful entrepreneur of 5 years, according to her website

Miller’s weekly podcast, 31 Blessons has over 2,000 listeners from around the globe and her viewers love sending in questions. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook or emailing a topic, Miller is known for responding and helping others navigate through their journey.

As an educator, Miller understands that a positive influence can move people in the right direction. With her increasing brand, she wants to put the right people in front of her audience; therefore she is selecting a limited group of advertisers to partner with her during her podcast.

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As a community advocate, Miller’s organization, FELP, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization targets at risk and willing youth in the areas of education, basic life skills, entrepreneurship, community service, and mental health. This is another avenue, where Miller uses her gifts and talents to develop the next generation. 

In addition to her current roles, Miller partners with a local North Carolina School system and gets booked for speaking engagements.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to youth in public school systems as well as my Alma Mater Fayetteville State University with their programs for youth during the summer. I also had the opportunity to speak and teach at the Black Communities Symposium. Speaking with the youth allowed me to continue being of service to my community as well as igniting a fire within youth that come from low poverty areas. At the Black Communities Symposium, I was able to hold a nonprofit consulting class to those that were interested in which allowed them to ask questions and also learn how to develop their own nonprofit hands on. In the near future, I will go on book tours and conduct hands on self-help workshops,” Miller told 

Miller and her company offers the following services: 

  • Offer Advertisements Spots on her 31 Blessons Podcast
  • Public Speaking Engagements 
  • Assist people starting LLC’s
  • Assist with people starting Non-profit organizations 
  • Want to publish a book? She offers an ‘Author Publishing Course’
  • Counsel-Career Coaching 

Want to connect? Email: knows our readers love the Q&A segment, so we chatted with Christen Miller about how prospective members can sign up for her counseling services and/or become an advertisers with her? 

IMG_4317 What does your membership include? 

Christen Miller: [Please] go to our website and schedule a 30-minute consultation call for [only] $30.

  • Basic membership – 3 Months
  • Intermediate Membership– 6 months
  • All Inclusive Membership: 12 months

Online Course: We teach 8 session courses to individuals that desire to become a nonprofit consulting owner of their own company and make at least $500+ extra a month. Who is your target audience? 

Christen Miller: My target audience [are people] that have a desire to improve and enhance the quality of life of those in their communities and around the world. [Hope and Vision Outreach] offer counseling, coaching, and consulting specializing in nonprofit startups. The counseling is used as a tool to help provide assistance with understanding who you are, what your interested in doing and how to proceed. Once we have painted that picture, we utilize the coaching to help develop clear concise methods to reach your goals. Lastly, the consulting is used as an activation method to help implement new innovations for your nonprofit organization. What would you like prospective members to know about your companies? 

Christen Miller: We are not only a coaching, counseling, consulting company but we are also podcast show host that inspire many to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally whole. Our podcast can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcast, and Overcast 31 Blessons: Heyyy Sis every Monday. We also conduct speaking engagements as well as hands on workshops consisting of group/art therapy as well as prepare course curriculum utilizing our book 31 Blessons.

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