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OfficialCallMeNevi is an upcoming social media influencer who has turned her life lessons into a profitable passion.

Nevi, based in Louisiana received her bachelors in Psychology and masters in Social Work. Now, Motivation + Real Talk = OfficialCallMeNevi’s podcast. Whether you watch her on Facebook or listen to her audio messages: You’re in for a vibrant and powerful message.

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As the oldest of four sisters, Nevi took on a huge responsibility to ensure her sisters were taken care of after her parents got divorced when she was ten years old.  “When I became an adult I wanted to run far away from responsibility and that lead to my poor decision making and lack of accountability,” Nevi told

Nevi told us how her old decision patterns landed her in this hospital in 2015 after she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure and Pulmonary Hypertension ..IMG_9384

“I got sick in 2015 from neglecting myself and not loving myself. I had to really get over myself and come to terms that I had been lying to myself about how I felt and how I let others treat me. I was in total denial and didn’t want to face my diagnosis.” 

Nevi told, she got professional help and it changed her mindset about life, and how she viewed herself. ” I also started putting action behind the words I was saying. I started thinking and acting in positive [way] and my life turned around,” Nevi said.


In August of 2019, that’s when she started her podcast: OfficialCallMeNevi, which is available on Apple, Spotify and Anchor. She discusses how to get over life’s challenges, how to change your mindset and mainly how to expect more than average from ourselves. And don’t worry, she also discusses relationships: Friendships and romantic ones.

And there’s MORE! 

In July of 2020, OfficialCallMeNevi will have a book project coming out and will be hosting speaking engagements. ” [ I want to] show others how to take responsibility and take accountability for their lives. Also [I] want to teach life skills to high school and college-age[d] students to prepare them for the world. asked her where does she see herself in a few years? We love asking that question because when our guests become famous: We want to make sure you saw them first RIGHT here. Nevi, what’s the BIG goal? Where do so yourself in a few years?

OfficialCallMeNevi: I see myself being my own boss running my own consulting firm. Also being a community leader running  my non profit where I can share education and resources with my community.

Now, can’t wait for you to check out her podcast. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram: Officialcallmenevi

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