Virginia: Radford University student creates ‘Juicy Demeanor’ lip gloss line making her own lane in the beauty industry |

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One woman is creating her own lane in the beauty-cosmetic industry by starting a new lip gloss line for people to enjoy.

“They would say, I’m not going to pay X amount of money for a product that I can get in the store for less. It really discouraged me at first, which is why it took me so long to start,” Snead said. 

Zellyne Snead, 23, currently a senior at Radford University in Virginia decided to create her own job after graduation. Earlier this year, she started her lip gloss- line called ‘Juicy Demeanor’ that made over $200 in sales in the first week.


Snead told, she was a little nervous about getting started.

“When I started telling people that I wanted to start a business at first they doubted me, they were saying things like “why would you start that when there are so many other people already doing it?

Snead also wanted to get over the fear of failing. ‘What if I don’t make enough sales or I’m rejected by the people on campus? But she didn’t let those thoughts of ‘fear’ – stop her. 

One day this now CEO woke up, started putting her products together and began packaging them off to sale! Snead told, that lip gloss and fashion is a statement.

‘When people purchase my items, I want them to understand self love,’ Snead said. 

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“When you wear my products, my goal is for you to discover your own ‘demeanor’ and realizing that you are perfect the way you are. No matter what society says about beauty standards, when you look in the mirror you have created your own lane of beauty. You can be your own kind of beautiful, because there is a certain poise when you wear [Juicy Demeanor],” Snead told

Facetune_04-02-2020-14-53-39Snead grew up in a single-parent household and told us her mother worked very hard to ensure every need was met. Her mother started a  small business called: KIS Consultants, LLC, geared to provide business support services to assist federal and state-funded agencies as well as private businesses with services to start, maintain, and increase revenue in a timely and cost-efficient way. “It was just my mother, sister and I. My mother is a smart woman, she has 2 master’s degrees, currently working on her Ph.D.; My mother worked hard to make sure that we had everything, even though sometimes we didn’t get everything we wanted, sometimes we went without, but she made sure we had everything we needed,” Snead told

Buy ‘Juicy Demeanor’ Lip Gloss and Products here: also talked to Snead about how the opinions of others affected her starting  ‘Juicy Demeanor’ lip gloss line.

Snead: “I had to tell myself that scared money doesn’t make money, and when I am successful then they will be able to see my dream. And to this day, the people who were saying these things are now purchasing from me because they are able to see my vision that I brought to life.”

Snead makes all her lip gloss from scratch and loves mixing-matching new flavors. So, what’s her secret? Now you know she didn’t spill it, but if people all over the country are purchasing her lip gloss she might be on to something.

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