David Pierce, aspiring journalist creates ‘The Intellekt’ YouTube series while searching for a job in television

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One young man from Chicago is being a true ‘community journalist’ while continuing his hunt for a job in television.

David Pierce, (‘Dave Fly P‘) a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the creator, Executive Producer and host of ‘The Intellekt’, a new social media show sparking millennial minds all over the world. With so many young adults gathering their news from social media, Pierce decided this was an opportunity for him to educate his peers.

Fun Fact about ‘Dave Fly P’ was initiated in the “Greater” Beta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi while in college. 

“I know people my age don’t really watch the news, so I wanted to bridge that gap by providing something insightful, but entertaining at the same time,” Pierce told us. “I make ‘The Intellekt’ available to everyone [and] each episode has its own lesson, so people [can] think to themselves “WOW, I never thought about it like that…” Hence, the name The Intellekt. 

If you would like to connect with David Pierce please email TheIntellekt@gmail.com or follow his show on Instagram: @theintellektshow

IMG_4233When it comes to finding stories to cover, Pierce searches everywhere. In Chicago, he goes through social media flyers, community events and even talks to the people in surrounding neighborhoods. He told LookWeAreIncluded.com,  he found out the largest Starbucks was going to be created right in his area just by walking to work. “There was a building being renovated for months on the next block from my job, it was big and white. It looked like some luxurious hotel. Turns out it was the World’s largest Starbucks being built. Without hesitation, I decided to cover the grand opening, because I knew it was going to be major!” Pierce told LookWeAreIncluded.com.

If you would like to connect with David Pierce please email TheIntellekt@gmail.com or follow his show on Instagram: @theintellektshow

IMG_4453‘The Intellekt” showcases a great number of interviews, whether it’s reactions from the public or a statement from an official. David told us he’s had his fair share of MOS (man on the street) interviews: “I have a small chat with people before asking to speak with me on camera. Just to break the ice… Then, I tell them who I am and what my platform is [about]. Some people are with it. Others refuse. But I don’t get upset. I keep the ball rolling and remember that there is always somebody else fit for my story. It’s always more wisdom to be captured.


So, where can you find ‘The Intellekt’ next?

  • NBA ALL-Access, which is a part of All-Star Weekend, ‘The All-Star Game’ is here in Chicago this year for the first time in 30 years.

What event would Pierce like to attend in the future?

“I would like to attend The National Association of Black Journalists. I love being around like-minded people like myself, so I can learn and grow as a storyteller. To be embraced and inspired by people just like me warms my heart. There’s a certain Charisma that we bring to TV that can’t be imitated,” Pierce told LookWeAreIncluded.com.”

Pierce, grew up with his mother and father always in support of his media dreams. He told us, his immediate family is pretty large. “My 5 siblings molded me into who I am today. I have 4 big brothers, the two oldest are twins, and 1 Sister, my twin,” Pierce said.

LookWeAreIncluded.com is getting known for their Q&A segment. Diving into the thoughts of our future leaders is critical. So, let’s take a look at what David told us offline. 

IMG_7858LookWeAreIncldued.com: What’s your ultimate dream?

David Pierce:  My dream is to be a Late Night TV Host. I love comedy and showing people a good time.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What’s your 3,5,10 year plan? LookWeAreIncluded.com loves to know the goals of each upcoming star they feature.

David Pierce:

  • 3 years from Now I see myself being a well-respected journalist. A lot of people will have caught on to the new lane in journalism that I am creating. Making valid points through facts, and satire.
  • In 5 years, I plan to have created some documentaries that are timeless. I really want to cover the Flint water Crisis. It’s something that seriously needs to be resolved. It would be timeless piece used to not repeat history and create a breakthrough that inspires change in other situations.
  • 10 years from now, I see myself leading a team of journalists and graphic designers to be creative with their storytelling and personality.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What’s your overall plan and vision for your show?

David Pierce: The plan for my show is to inspire the people age to be who they are and do what you love as a career. Don’t wait for the right time. Find a way to make your dreams work. I know my show isn’t your typical style of news, but it’s still educating and cool! My show is the start of being myself with my craft. Others should do the same. Free yourself, People!

LookWeAreIncluded.com: Who do you admire the most?

David Pierce: The woman I admire the most is my Mom! She so sweet and resilient, and hardworking most of all. She raised 5 of us who are only a few years apart. She made lunches, bathed us, dropped us off at school. All while still having to go to work. She made no excuses.


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