Loveology Podcast: How do you keep the fire going in a relationship? Ask two veterans in love

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Jason and Ashley Harris, creators of the ‘Loveology Podcast‘ are helping married couples, daters, and singles with advice on keeping the fire going in a relationship. Jason, Airforce veteran and Ashley, Navy veteran, publish a weekly podcast engaging the new generation of ‘Love Birds’ online.

The Harrises both met and grew up in a small town located in Arkansas and now currently live in Los Angeles. “We both had very humble beginnings. And when I say small I mean really small, with a population of less than three thousand people. Jason holds a Bachelor’s degree and I have a Master’s of Fine Arts,” Ashley told (

Ashley a.k.a ‘Mrs. Harris’ told after the birth of their
second child they decided that she would start the podcast while staying
home with the kids. “Two children in daycare is very expensive and there
wasn’t much flexibility in my job so staying home is what works best for my
family at this time,” Ashley told us.

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IMG_7940I was looking for a creative outlet, something that I could do for myself but with a newborn it couldn’t be too time consuming or too complicated. I recently had been turned on to podcasts and thought that it might be something I might like to try. Jason and I are learning and growing with our audience.  And what we found is that through this process of producing the show we have most definitely grown so much as a couple

The Loveology Podcast is for people trying to create the best romantic relationship  they can have, according Jason and Ashley. Whether you are single and want to learn as much as you can about the realities of long term relationships and marriage to better prepare yourself or if you are currently in a serious relationship or marriage, there is something for everyone in the podcast

Become a Patreon member and have full access to their LOVE community with the ‘Loveology Podcast’ HERE

“[We discuss] how to navigate your marriage or serious relationship however we have also dedicated some episodes to dating, living single and how to choose a good partner. Our goal is always to help people have successful relationships,” Jason and Ashley said.

‘For All the Love Birds’ ( and buy apparel) Q&A Segment: Tell us some of your struggles and how you overcame adversity in regard to your marriage?

unnamed (4)Jason and Ashely Harris: I think we have struggled with some of the things that most couples deal with and some that are more unique. One of the more unique ones was going through a 9 month military deployment. Enduring that took a lot of trust and commitment to each other. Some of the most common struggles were things such as working hard jobs for long hours and trying to balance work and life, sickness during pregnancy, moving, and debt to name a few. The main thing is that we have always remembered that we are a team and it is us versus whatever problem or obstacles that is in front of us. We tackled and overcame it together. Also, communication truly is the key!
How important is marriage for children?

Become a Patreon member and have full access to their LOVE community with the ‘Loveology Podcast’ HERE How important is marriage for children?

Jason and Ashely Harris: We want to emphasize healthy marriage when we talk about this because I believe that an unhealthy marriage can be very harmful to children. We believe that marriage provides a long list of benefits including structure, more security and stability. But of course there are plenty of children who do very well regardless of their parent’s marital status. Both of our parents are divorced and we can see where that did cause some hardships and obstacles we had to overcome in our lives but in the end we are doing well.  Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years? How do you all set goals?

Jason and Ashely Harris:  We see ourselves together, happy, and thriving. We hope to be financially independent and still helping people have healthy relationships.
We set goals by starting with our WHY. We always try to see the big picture and every major decision is based on how it will serve and improve our family as a whole. We recently started setting goals in the main areas of life (e.g. family, work, self care, faith, etc.) and actually drawing out a plan with action steps on how we hope to reach those goals. We revisit those goals quarterly.

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