“Play-By-Play Analysis” – Devon Ashby hosts new sports PODCAST with a hot twist

By: Jakeira Gilbert, Digital Writer and Producer 

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PODCAST LOVERS:  There’s a new podcast on the rise, and it’s definitely not “just another sports podcast.” Devon Ashby, CEO and host of “Play-By-Play Analysis,” is ready to give you the latest breakdown in sports, news, the music industry, entertainment and more buzzing topics! 

According to Ashby, the “Play-By-Play Analysis” podcast is a manifested product of his dream by wanting to create a space that combines his love of sports, music, and social commentary. The podcast also includes engaging guests that join in on HOT topics to create entertaining and memorable moments.

After being raised in a household with nine younger siblings, Ashby is no stranger to setting the standard for others to follow. He remains determined to overcome any obstacle he faces –including the daily challenges of producing his podcast shows with limited equipment.

Despite having limited equipment, Ashby found that his computer, his iPhone, and his voice were the perfect “undefeated trio” in delivering top quality news and entertainment to listeners.

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Ashby is all about letting the underdog’s voice be heard. With that being said, he also provides a special service during his podcasts, specifically for entrepreneurs – he lets them promote their own brand! This idea was sparked by Ashby’s belief of unity, community wealth, and his saying: “I want us all to be able to eat together!” 

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For me this isn’t about money; this was about starting something authentic that I could call my own, and also a way to preserve certain aspects of my own story and legacy.

LookWeAreIncluded.com conducted a Q&A with Devon Ashby and Jakeira Gilbert, LookWeAreIncluded.com’s Digital Writer and Producer took a closer look at upcoming media star. 

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What advice do you want people to know before starting a show? 

8D91956E-D139-4A0F-B742-7588AB4B2EAADevon Ashby: “There was a message I saw on social media some time ago that basically said when you go to the store, you see several different types of brands of bread, because no one has ever said “It’s already somebody doing bread so I don’t want to make that too.” In other words, don’t be afraid that there’s already “too many sports podcasts” or “too many music podcasts,” etc., No one can do it how YOU do it. Whatever idea God puts on your heart, make it happen instead of making excuses why it can’t happen.”

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How did the name for the show come about? 

Devon Ashby: My show’s name is my fraternity line name. I am a 2019 initiate of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., a black Greek-Letter organization, and every fraternity member is given special nicknames when they’re inducted. Mine was “Play-By-Play, because I love sports and want to become a sportswriter.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What’s your overall vision and goal for your company? 

Devon Ashby: My current goal is to build my viewing, and to deliver authentic perspectives of topics that other people either haven’t done or haven’t done the way I have. I also want to be the guy who people say, “He’s covering topics people rarely cover. Let’s see what he’s talking about!” I have some friends who have listeners in other countries; maybe one day after a certain number of episodes, I can have that type of viewership as well. 

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