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image14A young CEO is sparking attention on social media after her skincare line is helping people change their attitude about acne.

Quinnesha Nicholson, CEO and Creator of Naturalkaqs is a self-made mixologist in natural skincare products after learning she had a chronic illness that changed her life.

Nicholson, a patient safety analyzer based in Virginia started Naturalkaqs, in January of 2019, to bring more awareness to acne and skin conditions around the world. Now, three of’s contributors know first hand: Skin problems are something people try to hide.  But acne (and other skin conditions) can be severe if the proper medication and/or skincare product isn’t used.

That’s why we wanted to share Naturalkaqs, as a resource for people to share their story and try their products. 


I have dealt with acne all my whole life, and I’ve always wanted clear skin, free of acne. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 14 and that is when I felt like acne in a sense took over my life. Medications caused rashes, extreme break outs, etc. & I just hated buying tons of skincare products, she told 

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Nicholson attributes her success to humble beginnings by being raised by her aunt and grandmother with her older sibling also in the household. “My family history isn’t your most ideal family history, but I always made the best with what was given in life,” she told 

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Q&A Time: talked with CEO Quinnesha Nicholson offline to understand her brand and movement for healthy skin and here’s what she told us! What’s your most popular product?

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 7.38.17 PMCEO Nicholson: My most popular selling product is my washbar “K-Oats” Why are natural products so important to your skin?  

CEO Nicholson: Natural ingredient products, are important to me, because I always want to give my skin the best cleanse I possibly can, Did you know 60% of what you put on your body, goes into your blood stream. In with having Crohn’s I don’t want put tons of toxic soaps or heavily fragranced lotion on my skin. How do you know the right products to mix/put together for a good combination? 

CEO Nicholson: A LOT! of trial and error, testing and patience’s. I knew with my body butter I didn’t want an oily, runny body butter so I watched many videos and ran multiple trials of melting my body butter and adding in my extra oils. An with my washbars I knew wanted to give a good lather & moisturizer when washing your face so I incorporated natural ingredients that are good for that such as (sweet almond oil). I knew what I liked in certain skincare items from buying so many different skincare products, I used that knowledge and applied it to my products. What do you want people to know most about your business? 

CEO Nicholson: My business is more than just a skincare line, I want customers to know that acne is  normal everyone gets it but they don’t have to hide their reality, I want customer to work through their acne, while showing us and others reality, their reality.    Customers who want to support my business, can do the easiest thing outside of purchasing my products, which is spread the word and the experience they had with my brand as well as leave reviews on my website.

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