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Credit. The word credit. Credit is a touchy subject for some people because it dives into their financial past.

Credit can determine if you qualify for a certain apartment, house, car and in some cases a loan. But most importantly, credit shows your financial history and your responsibility  in paying a company back.

One woman who’s a board certified credit specialist has simplified the formula to show people how to build credit and increase their score with the the steps in her program.

Image (5) Shakeema Saloane, CEO of Operation Credit is the daughter of a pastor and using her gift of helping others to direct people into financial wealth. As a military wife and mother of two she believes in authentic and valuable service.

Operation Credit, is a client solution based company that is driven by a unique and strategic process. A proven, systematic, and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results in their businesses and lives. Operation Credit strives to provide excellent customer service and offer customized disputes tailored to each individual. 

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About 4 years ago, Saloane learned the importance of building personal credit, while going through the process of getting her ‘life’ in order. “I learned how important it was and that you need credit for just about everything. I began working on family members and friends credit which triggered my love for the industry. I saw a need in my community and culture,” she said.  

Operation Credit offers the following:

  • Student loan relief services.
  • Coaching
  • Credit repair services
  • Budget assistance

Millennials between 18-24 need to focus on the promise for building credit wisely, in order to purchase the items they want in the future. “I plan to increase that number in hopes to spread the word on the importance of having good credit,” she said. Earlier this year, in 2020, Saloane spoke at four homebuyer workshops and vision seminars to expand the idea of ‘good credit.’ 

The next step is: How. What’s the process of building good credit and how can I ensure I’m on the right track? Well, we spoke with Saloane offline about some questions people usually have who’re new to the process.

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Now, let’s receive more information about credit.’s Question and Answer Segment with Shakeema Saloane, CEO of Operation Credit will answer FAQ questions about credit building and repairing.

Image (2) How important is good credit? How can you rebuild bad credit and what’s the benefit of good credit? 

Shakeema Saloane: Having good credit is extremely important. Having bad credit can cost you thousands of dollars. You can rebuild bad credit by adding positive trade lines, such as secured-unsecured credit cards, self-lender account, etc. Also, making sure you bills are paid on time and disputing inaccurate information are major factors in rebuilding credit. Credit repair is so important to me because having good credit increases the quality of your life. Why settle when you can have the desires of your heart. Once I email Operation Credit What’s the process when people begin to business with you? Do you accept all credit?

Shakeema Saloane: When a new client gets started with us they have a 30 minute phone consultation with us to go over their credit report and for us to develop a plan to get them to their goal as fast as possible. Once all required documents have been uploaded into their personal client tracking portal disputes will begin.

Instagram: @opscredit | Facebook: Operation Credit, LLC

Image (4) What would you tell a young person on how to manage your credit? 

Shakeema Saloane: I would tell any young person to develop a budget and good spending/saving habits early. To get started with us, we have a one time audit fee of $129.99 which includes their 1st month of services. Each month after is only $79.99 until the client decides to cancel services. What’s the biggest problem you see in people’s credit history? 

Shakeema Saloane: The biggest problem I see in people credit are late payments. Late payments can damage your score by dropping it 15-30 points.

Ready to build your credit? Email: Do you plan on taking your program into colleges and/or high schools?

Shakeema Saloane: Yes, I plan on taking my program to colleges and high schools. I feel it is important to educate young people early so they will have a better start than my generation or the ones before me.

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