NYC Based Black Women create Adultin’ web series and OH BOY this needs to get PICKED UP

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Three black women based in New York City  have created a web series about millennial’s ‘Adultin’ and O-M-G viewers are going crazy.

(left to right) Paulette Marte, Malique Daniels and Kayra Clouden

Paulette Marte, Malique Daniels and Kayra Clouden are all creators of the ‘Adultin’ Web series, which premiered on YouTube  and accurately depicts young adults ages 18-25 transitioning to the REAL WORLD through  an unscripted/scripted lens

Season one of Adultin’ focused on real stories from real people. “We had people fill out a google form and vetted them from their responses to each topic,” the Adultin Creators said.

The days where you had to wait to become an entrepreneur are over.   This unscripted/scripted  series wants to help people get started on your own dreams and stand as a testament to anyone with a vision, idea or concept that it is possible to execute your project with the right attitude and team – and you can do it while you’re in your early 20’s.

During Season 1: The creators told

We didn’t discuss getting over the job hump this season but more about the struggles of having to balance your daily struggles of doing your laundry, buying groceries, and more.

Adultin Creators: We shot Adultin’ from Jan-April. First we started with unscripted which we shot over the course of 2 weekends, then each episode was shot from March – May 2019. The editing process varied per episode, but essentially we were in post between June – July 2019. The creators told us their skeleton crew consisted of a Director of Photography(DP), Producer, Director, and Production Assistant (PA) on set.  

Each of the creators sat through the editing process to ensure their vision was presented properly. 

AND SEASON 2: Oh Student Loans are a HOT TOPIC! #SneakPeak

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We want people to know that there is no right way to Adult.

A Look Behind the Lens | Who are the creators?

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Malique DawNvG_KoQniels, orginally from Miami and raised in Atlanta, Georgia has been working in the media industry for 3 years. As a graduate from Georgia State University, she gained experience to become a freelance editor and is based in New York City.

Fun Fact: ” Majority of my family lives in Brooklyn,NY or Florida and is of Haitian descent,” Daniels told

bfszW-Fg Kayra Clouden, orginally from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands graduated from the University of New Haven and is no stranger to the camera. “I’ve been in the industry for 2 years and have worked in both digital and for network television. I also freelance and work with indie creators on the side,” Clouden told 

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LzTTzt6w Paulette Marte, born and raised in Bronx, NY has been working in the film industry for 2 years. Paulette’s parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic and she is the first generation American in her  family. 

“My first job was an Associate Producer position on HBO’s Torn Apart: Separated at the Border. I am currently working on 3 other documentaries at Multitude Films,” Marte told

 Instagram: paulie.mars | Twitter: pauliegpeezy What advice do you want people to know before starting a production company? 

First and foremost, it’s hard work and it won’t get easier. That’s just us being realistic.You have to really love what you’re doing and it should wake you up every morning. But stay consistent and work hard cause your sacrifice and tenacity will be rewarded.

GEMS: Want more THOUGHTS from the creators: dived into a Q&A Session! Oh, but you have to join their fanbase to dive into more discussions.  What filmmaker do you most admire?

Creators: We look up to the greats such as Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay and Berry Jenkins, but honestly we admire indie creators the most. People like: Cylla Senii, Kar Logan, Moon Ferguson, Janea West, Tamara Hall, Okema Moore, Nikya Atu, Terence Nance, Miriama Diallo, and more! We’re rooting for everybody Black… with good content!  Where do you all see yourself in 3-5 years? 

Creators: Hopefully with 3 office locations (ATL, St. Croix & The Bronx) and making profitable content that brings awards to our bookshelves.






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