Alabama dad raises up to $1,000 in 24 hours for single moms during National Pandemic |

Please Donate HERE via Cash App: $inglemomcovid19

A Fairfield native is bringing hope to single mothers in his community after starting a fundraiser to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Omar Young, a Miles College graduate is the creator-founder of the COVID-19 Single Mom Stimulus’ Program and community changer. In addition to his new initiative, Young also started ‘My Sweetheart Bakery’ right in his hometown and coaches youth football to mentor young men in the Birmingham area.

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Omar Young, Ramsay High School rising Senior pictured with his dad (Omar Young Senior) after a football game.

“Covid-19 Single Mom Stimulus From the Fellas, was something started from a need. Dr. AG Gaston stated, “find a need and fill it.” So, we hope to fill that need. I’ve watched so many single moms struggle whole times were well, I knew these times would bring more strife. I wanted to figure out how we can minimize those burdens. I have friends that are single moms and I hear what they are facing. I have friends and their moms were single parents, I hear their stories,” Omar told

On Tuesday April 7, around 11: 23 a.m. Young posted his idea on Facebook letting his followers know that some children in the area were going hungry, due to job cuts from the national crisis. “It’s some single moms out here struggling right now and don’t know which way to turn,” Omar wrote on Facebook so he asked how many people would be willing to help turn this situation around.

He proposed his Facebook friends to give a maximum of $5 a month to the $inglemomcovid19 (Cash App) account and single mothers would be chosen by a raffle  give-a-way on Facebook live.

Please Donate HERE via Cash App: $inglemomcovid19

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.56.47 PMOnce the post went public, over 100 people commented on his Facebook post and donations started rolling in.

This good deed spread like wildfire with more people in the community wanting to help and single- mother’s receiving random acts of kindness.

“I feel so blessed thank you,” Shun Blackgirl Davis wrote on Facebook.

Please Donate HERE via Cash App: $inglemomcovid19

“Ultimately, the kid is the one who really suffer. I saw the food banks and everything, but I wanted them to have money in hand to choose to their liking. And Covid 19 Single Mom Stimulus was birthed,” Omar Young told

If you would like to contribute via cash app here is the name: $inglemomcovid19 and for more ways you can help please reach out to Omar Young through Facebook Book: HERE

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