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A personal designer is mixing ministry and art to bring her clients items to life with every meaningful designs.

IMG-3360La’Donya Benning, 28, is the CEO of Her Crafts a personal design company geared to promoting creativity while delivering meaningful messages. Her Crafts was established in 2019. We are currently based out of Fort Riley, Kansas but offer shipping to all states. Benning’s business targets small businesses, start-up brands, and wants to ensure positivity worldwide.

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Benning has partnered with Tamiko Miller, Creator of Light ministry to offer a faith based collection called Light Apparel .  This CEO told most of her ideas derive from quotes that could inspire others to change the world.

So, how does her company work? With so many people boosting their brands, what’s the process on the turn around for your products?

HerCrafts has a 7-14 day turnover depending on how big the order is and additional items are needed to complete the project.  “I work closely with the customers to make their visions come to life listening to their request and sending mock-up”


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This CEO plans to have a physical shop and is going back to school by 2021.

Question and Answer Segment with La’Donya Benning What advice do you want people to know
when starting a business? What’s the legacy you want to leave behind?

La’Donya Benning: Conduct your research on the type of business you want (LLC or Sole Proprietor route) to begin and create both short-long term goals before the process.  Create a goal for your business and just believe in yourself.Understand the first few years will be trial error and you may have to put out a little more money than you are bringing in.

Cash App:$LaDonyaBenning | Pay Pal: Do you want to pass this business down to your children? How do you plan to enlarging your business?

La’Donya Benning: I just want to be able to leave something behind for my son. If he decides he does not want to take this route that is also fine but I just want him to see and know that it is possible to be your own boss and be successful at it. I just plan on working
hard and continuing to learn the business world and marketing in order to grow into a bigger establishment. What would you want to tell people about your business?

La’Donya Benning: Her Crafts is a female owned small business. We represent Positivity, Supporting Peers, Self-Love & also create small projects to bring awareness to certain topics. Most projects we donate a percentage of proceeds to charities or
nonprofits to give back to the world.

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