New Podcast: Physical Therapist creates ‘In the Rising’ show amid COVID-19 |

IMG-0840A woman who considers herself a ‘military brat’ is mixing education and encouragement in her new podcast that publishes weekly.

Bettina Brown, creator of ‘In the Rising’ podcast was born in Germany and has dual citizenship, as her mother is German. Brown is graduate from New Mexico State and University of Mexico  is a physical therapist who prides herself on sharing other people’s story.

I am now a physical therapist, treating primarily the geriatric community with wound care and cancer rehab,” Brown told 

IMG-2001‘In the Rising’ podcast is coming from Brown’s health professional background. “I tell people my story, and feel that for those that resonate with having what life “is supposed to look like” and still feel like something is not fulfilled,” Brown said. The podcast is a platform for multiple ways to find out who you are.  Brown told us as humans we all have a lot to learn and we can learn a great deal from each other.

Her podcast really took off after she found she came out a rough period in her life she calls “Dark Night of the Soul.” She told that she couldn’t pull from her own strength. “I began writing in my journal as a way to express myself, and I began reading the opinions and stories of others. I felt that my experiences may very well help others and I began to write my book,” Brown told us. 

Brown is enrolled in a Christian Counseling Course beginning Summer of 2020, and is set to provide virtual and in-person events to provide inspiration to other women.

I don’t want just provide a day of quotes, but useful information about posture during interviews, important self-talk, finding what your purpose is now, etc.

Fun Fact about Bettina Brown: She is incredibly shy and am somewhat surprised that she has an online profile and podcast show. “I do love to hike and bike and do anything physical, and feel it is no surprise that I am a physical therapist. It is really so rewarding to see someone improve in their life, and you had something to do with it,” she told 

Question and Answer Segment with Bettina Brown with  Who is your main audience?

Bettina Brown: My target audience is primarily women who know that there is more to life, but are struggling filling their “roles” and yet wanting to live fulfilled lives. I am currently hosting a podcast called In the Rising, with weekly short 15-20 minute shows providing education and encouragement. I love to read books and to gain information, and the premise of the show is to provide information from true professionals with degrees along with their opinions. Did you have second thoughts before starting your podcast?

Bettina Brown: Yes, Yes and Yes. I did not want to start a Podcast at all. I wanted to just publish my book quietly and go from there. But, then I realized that I consume a great deal of content from someone BEFORE I purchase anything. I want to get to know them and their purpose first. What made you determine your topic for the first show?

Bettina Brown: Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline. This was my first show, and was my highest rated one. I was literally scrolling through social media and noticed that someone posted a motivation comment about motivation itself. Someone commented that what keeps us going has nothing to do with motivation but everything with discipline. I could see both sides of the story, and felt motivated to speak, and held myself accountable to my own discipline to follow through. What’s your overall vision and goal with your gift for your podcast? what’s next?

Bettina Brown: My main goal is to create an education platform. I am really pushing education with my Physical Therapy degree and will provide online CEUs for a national organization. I feel my gifts are to learn and then be a sort of knowledge broker of that information for others. My goal is the same with the podcast. I recently learned about an audiobook program called Chirp. You can get audiobooks for $2-4. I can listen to books I love while driving and gardening and then pull the information for my listeners and future readers. My desire is to create a knowledge, provide talks and courses. What’s the legacy you want to leave behind?

Bettina Brown: I want to leave a legacy of persistence. I purchased a wooden plaque a long time ago in graduate school that says, “ There is opportunity in every dilemma.” We can focus on the dilemma or we can focus on the opportunity. We have choices, even in the events and circumstances that we don’t feel we do. I did not have many physical limitations, but emotional abuse is a real thing. We can remain strong in our hearts and souls. There is a whole world trying to tear us and break us up. We don’t have to hold our hands up and join them!



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