Meet Tamiko Miller, Youtube Influencer who mixes ministry and entertainment

One Social Media Influencer is mixing ministry and entertainment on her YouTube channel and it is changing the lifestyle for millennials around the world.

Tamiko Miller is the youngest entrepreneur of three sisters and a native of Honolulu, Hawaii. Miller attended Wesleyan College in North Carolina for two years and transferred to Liberty University where she received her undergraduate degree in Clinical Research Psychology and masters degree in Pastoral Counseling.

“I come from a hardworking family who has served in our community and ensuring that they are able to love and motivate others through encouragement, ” CEO Miller told

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Miller told she started this ministry to encourage and provide hope to others, in addition with helping them become the best versions of themselves by identifying their LIGHT. Currently she is based in Lynchburg, Virginia and really wants to target women and at risk teen girls.

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Her masters degree in Pastoral Counseling has played a role in developing a higher  standard for her generation. God + Obedience is the only way to succeed in this lifetime. No matter what journey you’re on having a strong relationship with God can keep you in places where man can’t remove you.


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