Meet Tenisha Dunalp owner-CEO at Trust & Believe Photography

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Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.34.27 PMA North Carolina woman is taking her photography business up a notch by adding faith and photos to stimulate the mind.

Tenisha Dunlap, 32 has two children ages five and twelve. She also has a love partner named Ricky who is apart of the family dynamic. Dunlap is a Fayetteville State University & Guilford Community Technical College. She is based in Based in Asheboro, NC.

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Trust & Believe Photography is a family business that believes in trustworthy connection her clients while capturing great family moments worth remembering. I started out by taking pictures at my local church which eventually lead to starting a business and I haven’t put down the camera since. I have always enjoyed being in front and behind the camera. I have been capturing memories for 9 years.

“I want this podcast to impact those who need a shift in their mindset whether it be spiritually, emotionally, or financially. My hope is that it’ll makes a huge impact for those to come back years later just to get a uplifting word,” Dunlap told

Depends on how much dedication you are willing to put in. I am a self-taught photographer so I was excited to learn by always googling and youtubing things.

CEO Tenisha told us Photography is my gift from God. I love photography because I am able to create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Question and Answer Segment with What are the goals for your podcast?

Tenisha Dunlap: For the podcast, my goal is that it will just reach who it needs to reach and may God’s Will be done. For my Photography business, the goal is to continue to thrive and strive by providing families with real laughter, real smiles, & real emotions. What is some advice you would give future business entrepreneurs?

Tenisha Dunlap: My advice would be to understand that there will be ups and downs but if you stay dedicated and committed you will see a great reward. What is the full name if your business? 

Tenisha Dunlap: My Business’ Trust & Believe Photography and Nariah’s Way Foundation. Who would you like to work with in the future? 

Tenisha Dunlap: Tyler Perry- I just love how creative he is and how he gives opportunities to Black women.

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