Meet Tony Betton, Jr: Journalist, Influencer changes lives through Instagram Live

From celebrities to journalists, many have adopted the Instagram Live platform as the new way to share information, entertain, inspire, motivate and encourage others during the quarantine.  And, one young man from Atlanta, Georgia, is using the platform to make a greater impact.

Tony Betton, Jr., hosts a daily IG LIVE Devotional (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. EST) to spread the word of God. Betton started the daily series in April 2020 to share his love of Christ with people around the world leveraging the hashtags #DailyDevotionalTogether and #JournalistsNJesus.

Betton graduated from Georgia State University, and is currently an anchor-reporter and producer for a television station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s using his gift of gab and influence by inviting other people to share a word of encouragement as a positive start to the day.

Betton has invited a variety of guests to appear on the IG LIVE Devotional.

“I let God choose the guests. He guides who I ask to be guests on each devotional. I don’t set the topic or scripture ahead of time, so I don’t match a guest with a topic or anything like that. It all works out how it is meant to work out,” said Betton.

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The faith-based talent has received tremendous positive feedback from listeners and viewers.

“Some of the testimonies that I’ve heard are tear-jerking.  I’ve had people tell me that these devotionals have become a part of their day-to-day routine. I’ve heard from some people who have seen specific devotionals, then tell me that the devotional spoke directly to a situation that they are currently experiencing. Look, I’m not a pastor, minister nor do I claim to be. I’m just a young man out here in this world trying to be great while keeping God first and living in His word. So if we can grow as humans and spirits together….. then AMEN!”


Q&A with Tony Betton, Jr. – What are two things you want people to know as they go through their journey and spiritual walk with God?

Tony Betton, Jr. -Two things that I want people to know is one, don’t try to be perfect. He doesn’t care about you being perfect. God cares about you being loving, forgiving and unashamed to act in his will! Secondly, as you live and learn what God has for you, don’t forget other people. Help others. Inspire others. Encourage others. Love others. As you grow, pay it forward. – Why did you choose 8 a.m. for daily devotions?

Tony Betton Jr. – I originally chose 8 a.m. because my workdays start at 9:30 a.m, so that gives me time to do the devotional and then get ready for work. But interestingly enough, during one of the devotionals, [my friend] reminded me of the biblical meaning of the number 8 which is new beginnings. That’s important [to] remember because each day is a new start, a new beginning. I have worked hard to make the space for this devotional be an open one. A free space to share, ask questions, express yourself positively. A space that allows everyone to devote, learn, share, and discuss. That space opens at 8 a.m.!

About Tony Betton, Jr.

Betton is currently the weekend morning anchor/producer and multimedia reporter for WPTA-TV (ABC21) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before ABC21, Tony was a studio production intern for ABC News’ Good Morning America in NYC. While in school, Tony completed internships with Channel 2 Action News (WSB-TV), the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Headquarters, AABJ’s In Contact as an associate producer, Ryan Seacrest Studios, The Historic King Center for Nonviolent Social Change and FOX 5 Atlanta (WAGA). In 2017, Tony founded “The Rep Zone Company,” which provided services in multi-media and public relations. He also served as a founding member of the GSU chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, where he served as chapter president and 2-time Vice President of Broadcast.

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