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(NEW YORK, NY) — A millennial fashion brand is promoting #masksafety and style with clothes for women of all cultures.

Liana C. John, 28, founder of the Liana Vine fashion brand, is a first-generation Guyanese-American based in New York, New York. As a graduate of Howard University, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising. John knew at an early age she wanted to enter the world of design. She is one of five children and comes from a huge family and trendsetters. 

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In January 2020, John created the Liana Vine boutique, which quickly turned into an online business during COVID-19.

Prior, she worked as a freelance costume designer and shifted her focus to her dreams after television hours were reduced due to the pandemic. In some instances, she worked over 60+ hours a week contributing to on-set design, music videos, costume shopping and television sets.

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If anyone knows anything about working in TV, a 60-hour workweek is real! I literally had little time for my creative endeavors,” John said.

The designer said she’s always had the drive and passion to pursue her own fashion brand that would promote other designers; this was the perfect opportunity.

“I feel as though L.VINE was needed for the women who need a lane in between the FashionNova vibe and Mango that was also Black-owned! I want L.VINE to be a brand that speaks to young Black women, provides them with quality clothing that is meant to last, and is inclusive. This means searching for vendors that not only carry past a size Large, but produces clothing that aligns with my brand.”

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Safety Fashion Masks & Popular Items: What are your most popular masks and items that sell out?

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“I have masks available on shoplvine.com that I make myself. Each mask is made to order and includes a pocket to insert filters.”

Questions and Answer Segment with Liana C. John

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How were you able to design costumes for the the Diggy Simmons video? 

Liana C. John: Director/Photographer Emmanuel Afolabi reached out to me about styling the video and brought me onto the project. We met the year before on a test shoot for Nesis Brand Group and worked on a creative few projects together prior.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How are you able to design costumes during the COVID-19 era?

Liana C. John: Currently, the TV industry in NYC is slowly opening back up, and in many cases, our industry is still figuring some things out. It really is a game of ‘wait and see,’ as far as work goes. There will be a lot of strategy in regards to who will have access to the actors in terms of fittings and filming. Costume shoppers (another role in which I work aswill have limited contact with designers and the rest of the costume and wardrobe crew.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What advice do you want people to consider before starting a business?

Liana C. John: Be prepared to work harder than you ever have before. Running a business is a 24/7 commitment and you have to be willing to show up and perform at 1000% even when the dollars aren’t flowing in.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: You have a successful business. What’s your 3- to 5-year plan?

Liana C. John: My 3-5 year plan for L.VINE is to have it taking care of itself! I’ll have a team in place by then, so I don’t have to wear as many hats. Creating jobs for others is a major part of what I like to call the Liana Vine Empire. I want us to eat. The brand will be less wholesale and more of my own designs, I’ve been exploring that a bit over the past month. Brick and mortar is definitely in the future.

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