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One hair stimulator is growing edges and moisturizing your hair with one drip of MarquiaStanleyCompany Edge Control.

Tykisha McCray, 36, of Washington, D.C, has sold over $1,000 worth of edge control-hair stimulator that promotes healthy hair growth, follicles and elevates confidence in women.

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McCray, a graduate of Virginia State University and Strayer University, started the MarquiaStanleyCompany when she suffered hair loss and wanted to find a solution.

McCray’s beauty brand was founded in July 2020 and business is BOOMING! 

My business [started] because my edge[s] started thin[ing], everyone told me that my edges wouldn’t come back. After I researched things that promote hair growth, I created a hair oil, and started using it on myself,” she said. 

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Ironically, one of McCray’s friends was also experiencing hair loss and started using MarquiaStanleyCompany Edge Control.  McCray observed incredible, shocking results.  Through WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing, people started calling McCray for her ‘magical’ edge control, which gave her the confidence to start selling it.

What’s her secret to hair growth? McCray said she started researching natural oils, herbs and products.

“The people who have used my product told me they have seen results, it promotes hair growth, and also helps with dryness.”

The entrepreneur’s short-term goal is to sell her line of products in hair salons and retail stores.

“Never stop believing in yourself.”

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