Meet Tean Becoate: Creator of urban news platform for millennials | Diamond KUT LLC

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A new, innovative urban news platform is sparking interest among Black millennials.

Diamond KUT LLC was founded by content creator and journalist Tean Becoate of Harlem, New York. He’s the son of two hip-hop heads and is considered a trendsetter for the future of Black media.

“The Kool Korner” is the official blog of Diamond KUT LLC that promotes upcoming entertainers on Spotify and YouTube platforms and informs readers about current hip-hop events.  The editorial team publishes new content daily about trending topics and distributes it via its Instagram page. 

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Becoate, a graduate of South Carolina State University, majored in Business Management and started Diamond KUT, LLC in February 2019. Before launching his platform, he spent valuable time outlining the mission and purpose of the brand — to accurately portray Black entertainers and showcase rising talent in our generation.

“I chose the name Diamond KUT LLC because a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance. Also, diamonds are formed under pressure. I also feel the pressure to be great, as well as for my brand to produce great content,” Becoate said. “I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, so the KUT was a play on words which is why I used a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C.’ Diamond KUT is just a KUT from a different cloth when it comes to all we do.”

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In the next three to five years, Becoate’s goal is to make Diamond KUT LLC a household name.

“I want to be known as the publication that has all the exclusive news and interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and all things that affect our culture and community.” 

Question and Answer Segment with Tean Beacoate

Follow IG Page IG: @uknowtean | Twitter: @TeeDkutllc

LookWeAreIncluded: How can people advertise on your platform?

Tean Beacoate: Email: for ad space. I have tons of friends whose businesses I would love to advertise on our website.

LookWeAreIncluded: What do you promote via YouTube?

Beacoate: I receive tons of music submissions and pitches via email. I review them to see if they live up to our brand standard, if it does we will cover it. We also cover things we like pertaining to music and Black culture including interviews, short film style documentaries about artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

LookWeAreIncluded: What’s a statement you live by?

Beacoate: The tongue is a sword and your thoughts become your reality. Speak and think of what you want to accomplish and they will come if you work hard enough for it.

LookWeAreIncluded: Who would you like to interview/feature on your urban news site?

Beacoate: In the future, Diamond KUT LLC would like to interview Nas, Snoop Dogg, Fab 5 Freddy, Nick Cannon, Jay- Z, Roddy Ricch, Drake and Karen Civil. 

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