Small Businesses: Award winning NYC PR Agency recruiting new talent for upcoming events

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Are you looking for a company to take your small business to the next level?

A three-time award winning public relation company is helping small businesses increase revenue and expand their networking pool across the country.

Amor(Amore L.B) Philip, CEO-Founder of Apples and Oranges PR Agency is committing her talents to ensure everyone she represents succeeds. 

Apples and Oranges is a Public Relation, event production (virtual included), community outreach and consumer engagement agency based in New York City.

IG: Applesandorangepr | Twitter: @applesorangespr

With over 15-years in media placement her company specializes in event pitching, donation sourcing, press handling, sponsorship decks and more.

Numerous of small businesses have hired AAOP and her clients have appeared in countless media outlets in New York City. She has a track record of fruitful results for her clients and continues to break barriers.

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Philip is a recipient of the Hermes Creative Gold Award, a program that evaluates creative industry publications, branding collateral, websites, videos, and advertising, marketing, and communication programs. She has also appeared on ABC’s The Chew, and an episode about women and aging on Dr.OZ. In addition, she is an Alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and Columbia University Community Business Program.

Currently with a virtual world in full effect, Apples and Oranges PR is participating in panel discussions for the rest of 2020 related to small business growth for entrepreneurs.

Contact Apples and Oranges PR: HERE

Apples and Oranges will be apart of the following virtual events:

  • Fashion Week in Brooklyn, New York during October 2020
  • Online Networking Events
  • Community Relations Online Engagements
  • AOPR will also set up a business virtual event as well

Email: | Call: 1-888-371-4718

“We are attending lots of online events so that we can continue to network and build relations. At the moment, we have a nice system setup on Microsoft Teams that works really well as a virtual office. We conduct all staff meetings, client meetings, project meetings, presentations, communicate and collaborate using the software and other technology,” Phillip said. 

AOPR wants small businesses to know that there are options. “Continue to push forward and make adjustments as needed. We are here to help,” Philip said. 

If you would like to contact Apples and Oranges PR to represent your small business or plan your next event please email: or schedule an appointment here.

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