‘We are beautiful’ Andrea Charles hosts glam events for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking | City Girl Beauty Project

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The smile on their face and the glow in their eyes is one reason a NYC woman started an organization to help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Andrea Charles, is a makeup artist and founder of City Girl Beauty Project, a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization is helping survivors regain their confidence and self-worth by hosting glam events around the city.

Survivors will use their experience to make a difference, create change, and live a purpose-filled life.

“[The survivors] are all beautiful, strong and independent despite what they or others may think of them,” Charles said. Since 2010, she’s interacted with women from all walks of life and one story stood out to her the most.

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A young woman, 27-year-old contacted Charles wanting to help with the  City Girl Beauty Project. The young woman told Charles she found out about the organization through a friend and opened up about her mother being a victim of sexual assault. She always had an interest in helping survivors because she witnessed how her mother struggled to regain her confidence after the assault.

“Due to this she wanted to become involved in an organization which helps women after their traumatic experiences, so she chose us,” Charles said. 

Charles told us the City Girl Beauty Project is a safe haven. She said they allow survivors to express themselves, regain their confidence and help others.

City Girl Beauty Project empowers its constituents through our beauty & leadership workshops that combine beauty, self-imaging, leadership, character building and development skills, enabling these young women to become change-makers and leaders within their communities.


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In addition to Charles’s non-profit, she’s a public speaker and activist within the city of New York. As apart of her speaking engagements – she goes to inner city schools and discusses the importance of staying safe while out.

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Stay updated with the City Girls Project and book Andrea as your next virtual speaker by emailing info@citygirlbeautyproject.org or calling 646-952-8981 ext. 8981. Contact here

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