Meet Rasha Guerrier NYC/NJ Rental Host of Jesse Louis Location Rentals

Are you looking for overnight housing in the tristate area or need a rental property to host events and film productions?

Website Here:

Meet Rasha Guerrier, the New Jersey based Founder and Location  Host of Jesse Louis Location Rentals. 

Her company started in August and offers enjoyable, affordable and spacious rentals that keep her customers coming back for more.

Instagram: @JL.locations | Contact:

Jesse Louis Location Rentals offers the following through several online market sites: 

  • Events: Peerspace for all social distancing events.
  • Office Space: Giggster for production use 
  • Overnight Housing: Airbnb for overnight, weekly, or monthly housing.
The unique space, located right in the heart of Orange, NJ, has successfully been hosting many people as it sits closely to major cities in the tri-state area such as Newark & NYC for transportation access.

It aims to be an interchangeable space for creativity to be ignited and memories to be made. With already over ten 5-star reviews in total between the three websites, Rasha is thrilled to continue to serve as a new host in the expanding location rental industry.

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