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Cynthia Thomas, owner of Triple_P_Fitness is based in Monroe, Louisiana and started a social media work out challenge that’s taking off.

Her company (Triple_P_Fitness) means three words: Pain, Purpose, and Petite. Within two months Thomas lost over 20 pounds and began training two friends who also received favorable results.

“I started my business because God gave me a vision in my dreams and I wanted to do something I loved, which [will] help others mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically,” Thomas said.

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In about three months, four clients, 3 of which loss 20 pounds while working out with her.

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The weight loss journey started after Thomas, her mother and 3 children survived a tornado on Easter Sunday, which caused them to lose everything. She told us she experienced depression, but decided to get up and start a new way of living. 

“I am a single mother and my life goal is to leave a solid foundation for my 3 children with owning a business, career in news, and soon, starting my own production company,” Thomas told us.

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