Meet Patricia, CEO of Go Patty LLC, A brand on a mission to empower and inspire

“I’m the mentor I wish I had growing up.” – Patricia Barnes

By: Jakeira Gilbert, Entertainment Writer and Producer

As a registered nurse working her dream career in Baltimore, Maryland, Patricia Barnes has always been passionate about helping others.

To further explore her passion, she created Go Patty LLC, to not only motivate and empower others to overcome pain, fear, and insecurities, but to also help them develop numerous skills to prepare individuals for everyday life.

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“I’m the mentor I wish I had growing up,” Barnes said when discussing how important it is to have good peers and positive role models in your life.

Although she missed out on that crucial aspect of life at an early age, Barnes is determined now more than ever to use her experience as an opportunity to provide individuals with endless resources to help them reach their highest potential.

One of Go Patty LLC’s main focuses is personal development– with the end goal of helping clients excel mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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Barnes is a huge advocate of bringing awareness to the importance of financial literacy. Her most recent accomplishments include creating the “Money Saving Challenge” – a popular social media challenge she created with the intent of helping others create financial stability by budgeting and saving.

Go Patty LLC, provides a number of services, including but not limited to:

  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Encouragement Hour
  • Motivational Speaking

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. Barnes is also co-author of new book, WOMEN INSPIRING NATIONS: I’M STILL STANDING, that will be released January 5, 2021. The ultimate goal of this book is to empower and equip individuals with tools to overcome personal obstacles in order to succeed in life.

It includes a compelling compilation of “over 40 dynamic women who share their stories of overcoming and soaring beyond life’s biggest challenges.”

Pre-orders are now available for WOMEN INSPIRING NATIONS: I’M STILL STANDING.

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Following the anticipated release of her new book, Barnes has some words of encouragement specifically for people who are hesitant to start new journeys in their lives.

“Now is the time to write the book! Launch the products! Focus on healthy living! Connect more with family and friends! DREAM BIGGER AND GO HARDER!

Barnes also has some words of encouragement for business owners during this time.

“I would challenge people who are business-minded during this time to get creative and find new ways to promote, network, market and sell. Virtual conferences, Facebook and Instagram lives, Facebook groups and Zoom networking events are great ways to engage potential customers and meet new business partners. Being home has created more opportunities to due things we delayed due to a busy lifestyle.”

Be sure to check out Go Patty’s Daily Affirmation Journal for a daily dose of motivation and upliftment.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. How did you come up with the “#MoneySavingChallenge?”

Patricia: “Personal finance is one of my favorite sports. I enjoy budgeting and saving. I created the “Money Saving Challenge”to inspire people who struggle with budgeting and saving. You can look cute on a budget, finance your dreams, business, career, and enjoy life.”

Facebook: GoPattyBrand  | Instagram: @gopattybrand What inspired you to create your daily affirmation journal?

Patricia: The Daily Affirmation Journal was created to inspire, motivate, and empower others who need an encouraging word when feeling defeated, uplift when feeling discouraged, and on the pursuit of success, true love, healthy relationships and purpose connect with people who understand the struggle, setbacks, trials as well as triumphs and victories

Facebook: GoPattyBrand  | Instagram: @gopattybrand When you are faced with major challenges in your life, what motivates you to keep going?

Patricia: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

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