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Are you looking for a book that’s a thriller, maze and plot twister? A Georgia author whose written over 10 books and ghost writes for people across the world is releasing a new book that will take you on an adventure. 

Felicia Baxley, who resides in Milledgeville, Georgia told us her book Behind the Blue Elevator is just one of the many thriller plots that she has cooked up in her mind. In our YouTube interview she said majoring in Psychology developed her keen niche for creative writing. 

“Behind the Blue Elevator is for all the readers who love a good thriller or suspense. It is designed for a more mature audience due to some of the graphic content. It is definitely something someone with suicidal thoughts should be careful with though. But if you love a good thriller with a harrowing plot twist, it’s for you,” Baxley said. 

It took a total of two weeks for Felicia Baxley to write the book.

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“Behind the Blue Elevator is somewhat dark as a reader, but as a writer; it was amazing to bring together,” Baxley said. 

Behind the Blue Elevator is available on Amazon, online stores like Walmart and Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, and wherever you can purchase ebooks. It is currently available here

Baxley did a virtual book tour that engaged new readers for her novel. 

In terms of business as an entrepreneur, Baxley told us during the interview the pandemic has taught her not only that having multiple streams of income is important, but that people will still pay for what they want. Knowing this, it has helped me greatly in my entrepreneurship.

If you would like to order the book go here. Stay updated with Felicia Baxley on all her social media outlets: Instagram  | Facebook .


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