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During 2020, sales for online businesses increased significantly with the aid of social and digital ads. More people were glued to their television screens, cell phones and videos to stay updated with trending topics.

Digital Commerce 360: US ecommerce grows 44.0% in 2020

But – a question that, a successful advertising brand continues to receive is “How can small businesses increase sales with a small following?” In most cases, based on the circumstances of budgeting and finances there is a small team or even one person handling everything: Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Advertising, LIVE videos the entire nine to tell people about their business.

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Below are tips on how to increase, grow and make sales with a small social media following:

  1. Turn loyal followers into customers – The person who always likes your content, direct message them encouraging them to purchase your product. Let them know you appreciate their support and would love for them to try your product.
  2. Partner with others Small Businesses – Are you able to commit to at least one social media LIVE a week? Utilizing their audience and combining your followers will help push traffic to your website for others to purchase.
  3. Content – How many times are you posting? You don’t need to post every single hour, but research the peak hours of your followers in the insights/stats and post during a time when your followers are most active.
  4. Engagement – People respond to People: Once other followers see comments and likes they’ll join in to see what the conversation is about.
  5. Target Audience – Determine who’s your audience and be specific. What’s the age group? What do they like? That’s how you sale your products.
  6. Questions – Create different questionnaire graphics to spark conversations amongst your followers. For example, if you sale beauty products ask them – what’s their favorite beauty product and if you haven’t – make it.
  7. Challenge – What’s a challenge you can create amongst your audience? Get creative, out of the box, and bring others in to join – remember this challenge is to draw people to buy your products.

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