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What’s the best way to build a business on a budget? No, I mean seriously. In an era, where so many people are becoming entrepreneurs one woman is helping others succeed in the midst of a pandemic.

Shelby D. Smith, based in NYC/NJ is a business consultant, writer and content creator. Smith has helped build almost +100 businesses from scratch and is now offering FREE calls.


“My objective is to truly serve. Let me help you! I want to know your ideas and provide all the insight I can. I don’t want anyone to build alone or break the bank to find advice. That’s why I started the FREE consultations. Your excitement to innovate and pursue purpose is my why. I look forward to talking with you all,” Denise wrote in her Instagram post.

She also creates funding opportunities, budgets and social media content plans.

She has started Business Vision FREE Consultation’s for people who want to learn more about how business works. You can also find the following on her website

“Partaking in entrepreneurship, real estate development and venture capitalism with the purpose of creating social change is the heart of my life’s mission. I am made to pioneer resources that dismantle poverty in urban communities through the paths mentioned above. I have a strong burden for those who have fell victim to cycles of poverty through systemic racism. I don’t think the average person understands the extend of how domestic policy and culture have dismantled communities dating back to the birth of America. While my role in media is to educate you on those occurrences, my role in entrepreneurship is to act on them,” Denise said on her website.

“The only way to break cycles of systematic financial oppression is by providing resources that level the playing field. All of my monetary investments have the vision of doing just that. My first business, my baby, is SDSMEDIA LLC. What started off as a blog in 2016 is now a company that sells products to raise money for female small business owners, a business development and strategy service as well as a networking community of purpose pursuing individuals. The second startup I was apart of was Kairos Culture LLC where I served as the Chief Operations Officer. My focus there was developing strategies and implementing systems for the business to run smoothly. I also competed in multiple business plan competitions winning seed money for my business,” Denise said.

If you want to learn more about Shelby Denise, book a time for a free consultation while it lasts because spots are filling up!

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