‘A New Generation’ | Atlanta Millennials complete ministry outreach on Halloween

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An Atlanta Ministry founded on bringing good news to the poor, hope to the hopeless and life to those who think it’s over started a new trend and millennials on Instagram are taking notice.

Devante W. founder of Kingdom Bizness Ministries gathered over twenty millennials on Halloween and went into the roughest apartment complexes and entertainment zones in Atlanta to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. With over 11, 300 organic followers on social media his latest post drew a lot of positive reactions.

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Now, you might ask what’s wrong with Halloween? It’s just a fun holiday for children to tricker-treat, people to go out and have fun. But there is always a deeper meaning with this holiday. The definition of Halloween is Samhain celebrates the dead with a festival on October 31 and usually features a bonfire and communion with the dead.

If you are a believer; a believer in Jesus Christ who you believe died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day then ascended into heaven and if this rubs you the wrong way then this conviction is for you. In the Bible – we are not suppose to communicate with the dead or do witchcraft practices. Leviticus 19:31 – “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.

Jenny Weaver, an ex-wtich and now prophetic worshipper discussed the dangers of celebrating Halloween and how the enemy gains legal access to your bloodline by participating in these practices (You can break the legal right as well).

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“When I tell you what you partner with – you then align with, ” Weaver said in her video is one hundred percent true. If you partner with someone this means you believe in their mission, goals, and everything attached to them. It’s the same with Halloween, if you partner with this holiday you will align yourself with everything it has the offer. Just a thought …

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Kingdom Bizness Ministries travels all over the world spreading the good news and drawing souls to Christ. If you would like to contact this ministry go here.

“We didn’t just step on the devils neck last night we stomped on it 🔥 The day that evil and all of its fruit is celebrated on a massive level is the day that us as followers of Christ must rise up and fight. We fight through the love that we show, the truth that we speak and the Gospel that we share. We fight by the prayers we pray, the seeds that we plant and through the worship of our king (Jesus Christ). The Lord is doing something new in this season because we are in a season that has never before been seen. A season where the stage is being set for the mark of the beast and many other end time Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled. The Lord is rising up a End-Time army that refuses to be silent and hide in the 4 walls of a Church building but who understands they are the Church and they can turn the most demonic blocks or areas into Holy Ground. I give all glory to God for what took place last night and I salute all the other soldiers who were willing to step out throughout this land so that Christ may be glorified. Let’s keep the pressure applied and let’s keep studying to show ourselves approved. Let us stay prayed up in these end times and unify with other soldiers that we may move in the force, authority and dominion Christ has called us too ⚔️🛡✝️ #InJesusName #KingdomBizness #FrontlineAtlantaDivision

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