New York woman wins grant from M&T Bank by starting global trucking business, reaching thousands

Courtesy: Brianna Clemons, LinkedIn Profile


Brianna Clemons, born and raised in Buffalo New, York just started a global trucking business that’s keeping drivers on the road and supplies in demand. Clemons, a registered Pharmacy technician is currently in school to become a Registered Nurse all while operating her own business.

As Chief Executive Officer-Fleet Manager of BCW dispatching and Consulting Group LLC, Clemons said she understands it’s hard being on the road daily.  Her company handles all back office work for motorists and created relationships with brokers to get drivers the best rates. She doesn’t rely on load boards and doesn’t settle for low rates – she makes sure her drivers have the best.

Clemons has one motto “Focus on the Road, while we focus in you!”

“We’re passionate about exceptional dispatching services. We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we will leave no stone unturned in order to find the right loads for you to transport, Clemons said. All of her services are detailed when you reach out to her.


Recently, Clemons won a grant from M&T Bank and was featured in her local paper. According to the article, Clemons plans to explore upgrading her companies software, technology and hiring more dispatchers. She’s always working with drivers daily to increase their revenue.

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