Birmingham writer releases new film featured on Amazon Prime

Watch ‘Something Just Ain’t Right’ now

One Birmingham native has released a film that’s now available on Amazon Prime with over 175 million viewers, according to recent reports.

‘Something Just Ain’t Right’ written and directed by Allison Sanders and Bessemer native Kelvin Holmes (Owner of Zlenz Media) was the director of photography.  This film is about a woman named Mary Weatherly who discovers her husband has a sidechick who has been blackmailing him.

Watch ‘Something Just Ain’t Right’ now

I know, juicy right? Well, the woman fights for her marriage devising a plan to stop the sidechick shenanigans, with hopes of helping others who have fallen prey. SJAR is an unpredictable, comedic story of heartbreak and healing, true love and forgiveness, commitment and God’s unfailing love when all else fails.

This film is said to mix ministry and relationships. In an era highlighting relationship advice, best practices for your marriage and how to make your relationship work this film was right on time.

Watch ‘Something Just Ain’t Right’ now

If you would like to watch ‘Something Just Ain’t Right’ you can rent or purchase the film on Amazon Prime right here.


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