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What hair company styles your dew, host classes online and teaches you how to take care of your natural hair?

Ashley P. Crews, owner of HairVentionZ based in New Jersey is truly the Crews a 22-year specialist in natural hair care and protective styling can find the right style to make your hair POP!

Her business offers extensions NyRose Naturals, crochet styles, box braids and locs with a simple motto ‘Hair is my Passion, Health is my Life’

She also has a children’s brand , which featured hydration bundles, oil moistures, baby bonnets and a cradle brush.

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This Protective Style Queen is a certified natural hair care stylist and natural haircare consultant.

When the pandemic hit she found a way to scale her business and teach people how to care for their natural hair online. Her 1-1 Virtual Mommy and Me classes we’re a HIT!

People from New York and New Jersey tuned into her e-course that turned into a digital brand.

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She loves the fact of taking care of your natural hair – that’s why she also offers hair products to ensure growth, strength and an added glow.

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“My goal is to help my clients who are struggling with dry brittle, damaged hair, restore it back to its natural luster and shine by way of protective styling and regimen setting,” she said.

HairVentionZ  works on instilling love by educating parents on how to nurture their child’s naturally curly hair.

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HairVentionZ  offers virtual classes for healthy hair care, hair styling and braiding.

During her 1-1 mommy and me classes Ashley leads an engaging demonstration then allow students to have practice time on their own.

In-Person Visits

HairVentionZ  is working hard to make the safety of our customers a priority during this pandemic.

She is also a traveling stylist – you book a consultation, receive an evaluation then you set a a date for your hair style!

You can purchase the following from her online store: 

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  • Soft Curl Wigs
  • Pin up Shower Caps
  • Just Slay Edge Control
  • Bowtie Bonnet
  • Antibacterial Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  • Edge Slay Bundle

If you would like to book HairVentionZ for your next event or as a travel stylist please reach to her team at

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