‘Bold and Diverse’ Miami Black Fashion Designer creates corporate business attire for minorities

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Victoria Lee, owner of Uniquely Victoria is an upcoming fashion queen who worked her way from the corporate world to the scene of entrepreneurship. 

Lee based in Miami calls herself bold, purposeful, diverse and empowered.

Four words that Generation Z is all about and she told us she’s in the fashion industry to break the mold.

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I am that person whose eye always goes to a banging dress or a dope pair of shoes; and I love recognizing women that put in that effort,” Lee told us. 

Lee said at one point she lived in an area that was extremely hard to find nice, standout and unique clothing. In her eyes, everything looked the same and she didn’t care for the style.

After she spent some time searching, she said there was a certain look she wanted to put out in the world and it was going to take putting her vision into action.

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“[I] drew the designs or visions I had in my head. I put them away for a couple years before I decided to take the leap with creating my own line. Then everything started to fall into place as far as what I wanted my pieces to stand for or portray. Many times, I get the vision in my mind, and it won’t go away,” she said. 

Lee has a corporate fashion line, which is specifically for women with curves. The design and shape is geared to help women who want to look their best in the work place and in our new normal. There are so many influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social platforms and they are looking for unique pieces that aren’t normally found in stores.

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Lee told us her inspiration started when she worked in corporate America and saw that women of color were struggling finding business clothes that fit their body shape. Black, Latino, Dominican – she saw the problem and decided to make a change.

I keep in mind of what minority women like; along with pieces that complement our body shapes. Every culture has similarities that relate to one another, but they also have their differences,” she said. 

Q&A: LookWeAreIncluded.com wanted to dive more into Uniquely Victoria‘s process and corporate fashion line so we decided to bring back our Q&A segment for a more in-depth conversation. 

Q: As an African American woman, how does fashion and culture play apart in your work?

A: It’s a huge part, every fabric I choose to the colors. I believe in celebrating both and [bridging] certain gaps. To give an example of what I mean, my first collection is called Finery from Within. Culture played a big part in this collection because us as women we typically compare ourselves or compete with one another. However, all of us have our natural skills or lately people are saying superpowers (either way you say it) but it’s true. So, this line was to help encourage looking with inside and evoking those skills. To mirror this, I combined different fabrics together, along with different colors and geometric shapes. The geometric shapes is what really complements the body shape its called color-blocking. I know that may have gotten deep for some, but that’s how the collection was derived and how my mind works (it links everything together) and has a purpose behind it.

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Q: What’s unique about your corporate attire business line?

A: Our garments are produced in South Africa, to help further our mission. The way we provide individuality, is by producing limited edition collections. Know you have a one of a kind item, that’s designed & produced by minorities. Uniquely Victoria was created to shake things up for women in the corporate and business world with an emphasis for minority women. Our aim of producing business attire around individuality is encouraging dressing to impress with an edge and to stand out.

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Q: Why did you start the fashion business? 

A: Honestly, I didn’t want to start a business I ran away from the idea for years. I wanted to work my way up in the corporate world having that steady paycheck, but over time I realized what I was truly meant to do. While working in corporate I loved seeing well-dressed minority women, it was something about them the way they moved, the confidence they had. I say all this as the reason I started my business. Minority women have it hard in the work field. I have seen it, heard from us, and experienced it myself, but when they show up and show out it’s beautiful and I wanted to support that in my own way.

Q: What can we expect from you this year? 

A: Besides more inspirational pieces coming. I am working on developing a business package that helps women in the working field. I want to help build a community for women that relate to each other with business struggles, but of course incorporates fashion. Outside of the fashion line, I hope to finish up a children’s novel I have been working on. 

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