Atlanta Business Executive leaves Corporate America to start Consulting and Coaching Company

Resetability Coaching and Consulting is available here

Carita Montgomery, owner of Resetability Coaching and Consulting, is an award-winning executive who worked her way from the corporate world to the scene of personal coaching. 

Montgomery, based in Atlanta calls herself the “Resetability” coach, passionate about all things prayer and wellness. 

Resetability is all about the power of positive thought and reprogramming your subconscious mind for success. At a time where the power of manifestation is key, Montgomery shared that we hold the power to unlock our own truths and happiness. 

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“At the top of 2021, soon after my 50th birthday – I began to plan my exit from Corporate America to full time Consulting and Coaching,” Montgomery told us. 

Montgomery said at one point she was trying to find a balance between her 9 to 5 and running her new corporation. She has 21+ years of award-winning executive level experience in the hospitality industry. She knew she was on Kingdom assignment after about 5 years in her field and the various projects she was assigned pushed her to new heights. 

She soon realized that in order to reach her full potential she had to take the skills she had developed during her career and apply them to her business. She’s always found sheer joy in helping others find their passions, the same way she’s found hers.  

Resetability Coaching and Consulting is available here

  “I knew that it was time for me to pursue my passion and timing was everything. You see, my situation was very much led by God and not the pandemic. I was not laid off or downsized during the pandemic, but actually received a promotion. I considered myself extremely blessed and today I am very grateful and I have no regrets.” 

Everything Montgomery has put into herself, has shown up ten fold in her business. She understands her mission in life is to uplift, inspire and motivate others to pursue their goals and dreams. 

“In order for me to live the life I truly wanted to live and to earn the income I desired I had to make the move. My degree in Business Administration and the years of experience in Hotel operations gave me all of the tools necessary to succeed in my own business. I just needed to take the leap.”

Q&A: wanted to dive more into Resetability’s process and corporate consulting so we decided to bring back our Q&A segment for a more in-depth conversation.

Q: How liberating is this for your family? 

A: “My husband and children are my biggest supporters.  They are so excited for me.  This move has sparked something amazing all around us and is very liberating.  I am now free to run my prayer ministry in addition to my consulting business.  I am free to help my husband with his non profit, spend time with my son his last two years of high school, and work with my daughter who is in the entertainment industry with her next moves.  Again God’s time is incredible. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.” 

Q: What’s types of services does Resetability with Carita offer?

A: “Resetability is a brand that thrives by connecting clients with services that match their personal healing journey. Corporate Consulting includes: Keynote Addresses, Resetability Retreats, Sales Training, Leadership Training, virtual and in person options available. We also have Personal Coaching (One on One and Group Coaching), Book, Health and Wellness, Career and Business , Finances, Relationships, and Spiritual Coaching.”

Q. What can people expect from you in 2022 and with your business? 

A. “In 2022 expect to see Resetability Consulting and Coaching aggressively position itself as a premiere consulting solution in the metro Atlanta area and other parts of the East Coast.” 

Get ready for the following events:                          

  • Resetability 30 day Wellness Challenge – February 7 – March 7
  • Resetability Sales Master Class – March 2, 2022
  • Resetability Mid – Year retreat – June (TBA)

Her Services are Accessible and Affordable

Resetability Coaching and Consulting is available here

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  1. Yes I for one know that God,had bigger and better things for you,and earn all of it by trusting and believing in and only him,the road wasn’t but you made it by God grace and Mercy,and your family special the husband support and children,yes you did I’m very much proud of you, Much love always.The two educator are doing well,but it’s one Mrs C.J.Montgorey.ok .

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