The Power of Being A Podcaster | Sylvia Edwards


A young woman with a dream, microphone and following has started an audio message that keeps the conversation going and recognized her superpower to change the way society thinks.

Sylvia Edwards, podcast host and producer of Endless Conversations, can be described as encouraging and a positive influence for GenZ. In 2022, the Endless Conversations Podcast began after Edwards obtained her degree in mass communications and political science from NC A&T State University.

She was encouraged by her family and friends to start the podcast because of her sound advice and perfect mixture of skill and passion when talking to people. In her podcast, she talks about knowing who you are – pouring your knowledge, effort, and time into the things you desire. spoke to Edwards about the ins-and-out of her podcast and this is what she had to say

Question and Answer Segment with Sylvia Edwards Why did you start the podcast? 

Sylvia Edwards: I started my podcast because I felt like I had a different point of view on major topics/issues that the peoples needed to hear. What are your top 2 episodes? 

Sylvia Edwards: Top 1: Episode 2 – Pouring Into An Empty Cup | Top 2: Episode 4 – Appreciate Your Now Where are you currently located? 

Sylvia Edwards:  Rocky Mount, NC What’s your ambition in terms of career? 

Sylvia Edwards: I want to be a full-time entrepreneur helping people. My podcast Endless Conversations Podcast would help audibly. Also, a tangible reminder with Diffin’ Rootz Apparel. Are you looking for guests on your podcast? If so, how can they contact you?

Sylvia Edwards: I am looking for special guests for Season 2. Guests that are interested can direct message me on Instagram at endlessconversationspodcast.

If you would like to reach out to Sylvia you can visit her website or email her at



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