Kingdom Love and Building an 8-Figure Empire: Content Creator Ashley Massengill proves to future generations that you can “Have It All”

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Ashley Massengill, owner of AM/PM Credit Repair and Academy, is an nationally-acclaimed entrepreneur who worked her way from the struggle to mastering digital creator economics. 

Massengill, calls herself a “Millionaire Mentor”, passionate about leading young professionals who are interested in using their skills and passions to create their own brand – through her online course in less than 60 DAYS! 

Using the power of social media, Massengill saw the demand for many wanting to learn how to launch their own credit repair company and took matters into her own hands. She developed and created her first online digital course, teaching people how to do exactly what she does – launching their own credit repair company from scratch.

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“If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to become a millionaire overnight, you want to impact your community and live comfortably while doing so,” Massengill told us. 

Massengill’s success didn’t come overnight and even when she was affected by hard times – she didn’t let those hard times block her blessings – she ALWAYS kept God first. Massengill shares with Black Enterprise that in 2013, she faced eviction and her car was repossessed. She also recalls overdrafting her bank account to launch her business. However, that didn’t stop her from turning in a resignation letter from her job in 2017 in order to let God lead and launch her new destiny. 


Massengill  has found sheer joy in creating a life of love, by keeping God at the center of her engagement.



This future wifey and mommy-to-be reminds us that God is a promise keeper, he never leaves us or forsakes us.  

Digital Course Recipe is available here:

  “I launched Digital Course Recipe to empower anyone with the burning desire to change lives and expand their reach in their community. Especially people who are just like me and don’t have any prior business experience, fancy college degrees, or any idea where to even start.

Massengill takes her 58,000 Instagram followers and nearly 400,000 Facebook followers to the height of her success in order to inspire and motivate them in pursuing their goals. Massengill has been consistent in giving God the Glory – and in showing us NOTHING is out of reach. 

“Digital Course Recipe will teach you how to take back charge of your life. You will learn about every single tool, system, and software that you need to launch or grow your online course.”

Massengill’s life changed when she launched her online business and digital course: 

  • She has been able to help thousands of people experience financial freedom through her literacy program. 
  • She has been able to start donating more to her surrounding communities because her income had quadrupled. 
  • She was able to pay off her mother’s home – 27 years EARLY! 
  • She was able to provide her employees with 5 figure bonuses for their hard work and dedication.


Digital Course Recipe is available here:

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