Meet Michelle Lenore a woman helping everyday entrepreneurs become millionaires through LinkedIn and Government Contracts

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Michelle Lenore, is known as the LinkedIn Guru on social media. For some people Instagram and Facebook is the primary source, but she made LinkedIn a business tool to elevate her company. 

Lenore, owner of Michelle Lenore Enterprises specializes in LinkedIn Business Growth Strategist and Government Certifications. Her Slogan “There is 50Billion Dollars with your name on it.”

Before Lenore, started making the average woman a Millionaire through government contracts she originally grew up in Detroit, MI. “It seemed that people of color of the lower middle class did not have access to growth or even opportunities in the culture and environment. Growing up between two gangs seemed not to give us much hope of getting out for my 7 siblings and me,” she told us.

Most of her success she attributes to her parents for creating a strong foundation to guide her and her siblings through changes and the inner-city streets allowed a change to dream bigger.

“My late husband and I knew that with the success of our professional development and our children’s global growth, we had to move into a place that promoted positive growth. We also invested in ourselves through college, workshops, memberships, and seminars,” Lenore said.

Prior to her own business she worked in corporate America.

“I would see million-dollar contracts come across my desk monthly. I knew there was a way for smaller businesses to obtain this opportunity. When I started my business, I was told several times that the way to fund it was to borrow. For some businesses, this may be the fact, but it does not have to be the set rule.” she said.

She asked herself once she started her business, could it be proven to the government that she could handle a budget of $350 million as she did in corporate America could win that contract? The answer is yes.

“I researched and spoke to several government representatives on the guidelines needed to obtain these federal minority certifications. Once I found the system and processes that could help women and women of color access revenue that could be accomplished and money set aside for them, I wanted all of them to know about it. Millions of dollars each year are reserved for women and minorities that are not even close to being exhausted. I teach that it doesn’t matter what service or product a person has that the government NEEDS your gift and skillset. I knew that if I could change the financial status of a women’s business, their goals and targets would be accomplished faster, which would help to grow their surrounding communities and create a legacy.” she said

According to Forbes, Black Female Entrepreneurs Are Launching More Businesses Than Ever. Harvard Business Review released a new report sharing that in the U.S., “17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses, compared to just 10% of white women, and 15% of white men.”

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Question and Answer Segment Small Businesses are on the rise, especially among Black Women; what areas would you say are missed opportunities?

Michelle Lenore: Women are so bright and innovative. Missed opportunities occur when they believe there is no need for their product or service. Many ways and paths are not social media-driven where millions of dollars are being made. I recently encountered this young lady in finance and real estate with a net worth of over $500 million. She didn’t stop working because she didn’t get followers or likes; instead, she focused on the business and built it up while building her community. I would encourage women to follow what God is instructing them to do even though it may not be popular but very well needed because clients are looking for their solutions. So missed opportunities are not taken. Michelle Lenore, on social media, you are known as the LinkedIn Guru; for many people, IG or Facebook might be their primary source, but why did you choose LinkedIn?

Michelle Lenore: LinkedIn is a much different platform than any other platform. It is made to do business as an almost industry. Depending on where you are, a professional, this site can help you find a new job as an investor for your company. I have been able to help my clients to increase their salaries by 100% to others obtaining multiple million dollars contracts. The key is credibility, being current and consistent. Your connections will help you grow your followers-hip and create engaging and educational posts. This is a great time to show your expertise in the field and industry by letting others know about current events and future innovations. A few of my clients have found success by using LinkedIn to promote their business and expertise and have been able to get contracts ranging from $200,000 to $15,000,000. That’s why I choose LinkedIn. How can people work with you or take your webinars?

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