Black female entrepreneur starts luxury clothing line for all women to enjoy

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 One Black female entrepreneur told us her new journey in motherhood prompted her to launch a luxury clothing line for women to feel more confident about their body shape.

Johnisha Bowman, 25 Chief Executive Officer of Sweet Sultry Love LLC is growing her social media account with the leading hashtag #bodypositive and clothes that are affordable and luxurious for the everyday woman.

Lizzo is literally liberating women (below in her latest Instagram post)

Bowan joined the military in hopes of landing a full-time job in Human Resources. “Unfortunately, I was injured and physically disabled. When returning home, I got into many jobs beginning with fast food and ending in customer service,” she told us.

Shop on her website here

When she had her son in 2020 – reality hit. She had a passion for designing luxury clothes and needed to put this in action.

“[In]February 2021, I launched SSL Women’s Secret Sexy. We provide luxurious yet affordable lingerie for women,” Bowan said.

Shop on her website here

The website just launched and they provide worldwide shipping. The shop is located in Atlanta and provide a pic-up option.

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