Meet Thamsanqa Ndlovu the Founder of Datadvise Market Research Now Serving the Metro Atlanta Area

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A Zimbabwean Entrepreneur has recently expanded its global marketing research firm to Atlanta and has a very unique reason why.

Thamsanqa “Thami” Ndlovu, Founder of Datadvise is helping small businesses and corporations grow through market research. His company specializes in Market Insights, Competitive Intelligence, Customer Segmentation, and Industry Dynamics.

He was recently featured in GreedySouth, about moving his business to the United States. “Just looking at the difference between the start-up scene in America and Zimbabwe, I just thought there was an opportunity to bridge the gap and provide similar resources. I want to provide business mentorship and incubators to create that environment for entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, he told GS.

Datadvise Market Research has been hired by the following clients: Microsoft, Deluxe Corporation, Astreya, Clutch, Bitwise Investments, Gryphon Investors, Zebra Technologies, Crumbl Cookies and reTyre to name a few. The founder’s goal now is to help Atlanta-area businesses make better decisions using data and market research.

During the height of the pandemic, businesses had to pivot to provide all services virtually. Datadvise did exactly that and recently completed sell-side commercial diligence for a healthcare tech startup that carried a transaction value of $50 million.

“Thamsanqa has an acute awareness of client deliverables and pushes the rest of the team to explore solutions beyond paradigmatic approaches. He works tirelessly to produce only the most accurate and empowering results for and on any project he is involved in. His mind is constantly seeking new knowledge and to unlock new sources of value for himself and those around him. Having worked with Thami at Datadvise in it’s nascent stages, I was privy to the wonderful feedback from all clients, and I witnessed first hand the culture of excellence he exudes in all of his efforts. He is the ideal individual to approach for market related problems of any complexity and any industry,” Gwinyai Aubrey Ezekiel Dube, Seasoned Transaction Advisor wrote on LinkedIn.

Thami is no stranger to global consulting. He’s worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and Investor Group Services with executive leaders to provide market research insights to support investment decisions.

Below are the following areas Thami excels in:

  • Market sizing (TAM/SAM/SOM)
  • Identifying key players in the industry and how they are positioned
  • Providing segmentation analyses/audience targeting
  • Forecasting industry trends, growth drivers, regulations, CAGR etc.
  • Competitive intelligence and keys to sustainable UVP
  • Customer acquisition and sales channel identification
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTEL and Porter’s FIVE Forces
  • Drafting business plans
  • Identifying marketing strategies
  • Customer research including calling customers to understand pain points

For all media inquiries with Thami Ndlovu, please call 678-485-5731 or email:

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