Jordan Dunlap, Video Editor in Atlanta accepting new clients

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Do you need a video editor for your business? This can be for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or television commercials.

Meet Jordan Dunlap, a video editor based in Atlanta who graduated from Georgia State University in 2018.

He started a video editing company called “Jordan’s Editing Bay” where he helps small businesses, content creators and influencers develop the videos they need to succeed.

During his time at GSU, he was a videographer, editor, reporter and leader for the campus news team.

As an editor his mind is vision focused. He understands how the internet, algorithm and images work to capture people’s attention and get you noticed for your craft.

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“I have made several YouTube Web Series discussing Black History called: Journey through Jerseys, History through Hoops, and Black History Friday. I also recently created a short documentary film about Kenny Washington, the man who broke the color barrier in the NFL, which is now on my YouTube Channel,” Dunlap told us.

If you want to hire Jordan the process is simple. You would drop your files in Google Drive or Dropbox, schedule a call to determine how you want the video produced and received your finished product.

If you would like to contact Jordan Dunlap, or text 770-841-8690.


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