Meet Kameel Gaines Black pioneer in the trucking industry

Meet Kameel Gaines, Chief Executive Officer of Rig on Wheels a transportation recruiting company and one of the few black women in the trucking industry.

Gaines, a recruiter for over 20 years has definitely seen changes in her field as a Black woman working in a male dominated industry. Gaines noticed recruiting drivers, was an untapped avenue many African-Americans weren’t aware of and decided to start her entrepreneurial journey there.

As a mother of three and caregiver to her mom who just turned 80. Gaines believes in work, life and inclusivity. This means while being a mother she can also be a successful business woman while on the road.


Gaines starts her day at 4:30 in the morning. With a staff of 12, she works with the sales department, recruiters, and clients to ensure everyone is on task.

She also consults on retention with drivers, trains, coaches and support her staff. On LinkedIn, she is labled as a Top Advisor in Trucking, Transportation and Logistics. Her company focuses on matching drivers with their ideal company. Having over 50 different (small, mid & mega size) trucking companies who are hiring Class A Drivers daily.

In addition to her US based company, Gaines also received an honor for having the first ‘Black Woman owned trucking recruitment company in India.’

Rig On Wheels recruitment services is proud to be the first of its kind to expand a truck driver recruitment team to India. As a result, we are now the number one choice for companies looking to find the best truck drivers, and we have made it our business to make sure that trucking companies have access to the top truck drivers. asked Gaines, what’s the main ingredient to business success? She simply told us discipline and time management.

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  1. Kameel I guess those 4 Masters degrees paid off. Congratulations on your business success. If anyone could do it you can.

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