Meet Sacha Walton serial entrepreneur, podcast host, business coach and author


Meet Sacha Walton, an entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host and author. Walton, owner of SWI Management Group provides strategic conference, meeting, and event planning services to local, state, and federal government.

Walton, originally from Landover Maryland grew up in The Hampton Roads near Virginia Beach. “I was kind of shy and outgoing at the same time, while growing up. I loved hip-hop and still do, old school hip-hop and I was an aspiring rapper, played basketball throughout high school and [was even considered popular].

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Transitioning to a full-time entrepreneur, means no day is the same. “The average day for me is very busy. I manage a full-time business, SWI Management Group along with scheduling interviews for my podcast, According 2 Sacha, handling my own public relations for my new book Beyond The Music, A Music Artist Entrepreneurship Guide as well as traveling for speaking engagements and making time for the clients I coach. As you can tell I’m very multi-faceted,” Walton said.

Walton said she started her business to create a legacy for her daughter and to help others follow their dreams. “After many ideas, I actually went into event production and managing independent music artists in 1998. I started planning events for my church and it branched out into a business. From there I evolved in entrepreneurship, applied corporate business practices and my education to my business as well as helping other businesses position themselves for sustainable growth,” she said.

Book a Consultation Here did a Q&A with Sacha Walton to discuss minorities in business, how the pandemic affected her business and more.

Q:  Why did you start your own business?

A:In 2013, I eventually birthed the SWI, LLC brand; Sacha Walton Innerprise with Innerprise meaning to bring from within. There’s something about having your own when it comes to business. In 2018, I was laid off from the company I worked at for 20 years. I was fortunate to move my business up as a full-time business. I became a contractor offering events services to the state and federal government and loved being a full-time entrepreneur. Being responsible for your own success takes a lot but it’s rewarding.


Q: Black women are starting businesses at a high rate and you’re in the category that gave you that push?

A: I’m happy to see more women of color, black and brown, starting their own business. It shows that we are amazing at what we do. As black women, we are resourceful, creative and resilient. We have a place in this entrepreneurship world and we are a force to be reckoned with. This is why I have moved forward with being a business strategist. Taking everything I am and funneling it into someone who helps to unlock other businesses owners’ purpose in business ownership within the black and brown communities. Although many Black women are starting businesses, we still come up against challenges internally and externally. I take a holistic approach to business by merging mindset and business coaching together in my sessions.

Q: How did the pandemic affect your business?

A: The 2020 pandemic deeply impacted the event side of my business which is the core of my company. It was during that time I realized the effects of mental health and entrepreneurship. I was really in the position of questioning what to do next for my business. The defeating thoughts are so real. Eventually, I came out of that mindset and relaunched the business being the face of my brand. I value the challenging times of the pandemic because I get to share my story of perseverance through transparency with so many entrepreneurs.

Q: Please list all of your businesses


  • I am the owner of SWI Management Group, we specialize in business development, strategic planning, marketing and event production.
  • I am a business strategist, assisting entrepreneurs with their business startup, restructure to pivot their business. My target audience are those who don’t know where to start and feeling burned out.
  • I have a podcast, According 2 Sacha podcast where I have different entrepreneurship series, Conversations is my weekly interview series. Young CEO is where we highlight kid and teen entrepreneurs once a month. The platform is for all entrepreneurs including creatives.
  • As an event producer, I’ve produced all types events including major music festivals over the last 20 years.
  • I am also a speaker. I love talking about business and entrepreneurship on major physical and virtual events within the
  • U.S. and internationally.
  • I’m published author. My new book Beyond The Music: A Music Artist Entrepreneurship Guide is a must have.  Stay tuned for my second book, Your Business is Wrapped Up in You, July 4th.

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