Virginia beauty influencer promotes self-love, faith and femininity through online presence


Writer: Maggie Brown (therealmaggie_b)

Beauty, self-love, faith boosting and femininity are just a few things you will receive when shopping with Suhlayyed.

In 2020, Malysia Moore,25, started her business in Richmond, VA as a beauty and lifestyle brand to help people feel beautiful all over the world. 

Suhlayyed, pronounced “slayed,” specializes in the sale of wigs that are either custom made, ready to wear, revamped or individual bundles. They also offer salon services and beauty products that come in a variety of lip glosses, lash extensions and protective headwraps for your hair.

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The company currently has a 4.7 rating from customer reviews with entries such as, “I absolutely love these lashes! They’re the perfect look for a photo shoot and always adds a sexy vibe! Love love love them. This is my second purchase and I’ll definitely be back to support this BLACK OWNED business!”

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Another customer said, “… I give props to this talented beauty! Went in looking like a hot mess came out looking like a whole new person! Not to mention the great conversation/therapy session we had! Hands down one of the best! Will be booking for my birthday in a couple of weeks!”

Suhlayyed company’s core values are to be inclusive and bridge the gap between celebrity glam and the everyday woman through, “beauty investments that pay off big time.”

You can purchase the following:

Sulayyed is very affordable, and even gives customers the option to pay overtime on their orders through the third-party financing app Sezzle.

To book a hair appointment or purchase one of their collections, visit the website at

Also, follow them on Instagram at @suhlayy.layy to stay updated on the latest product news and sales.

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