Meet Toya Meadows owner of Simple Tax Solutions in Birmingham, rising 7-8 figure financial leader


Meet a rising female entrepreneur in Alabama who is scaling her business, educating her community and training other business owners to lead in the area of finance.

Toya Meadows, Chief Executive Officer of Simple Tax Solutions is a gem in her community. Meadows, 38 married to Tim Meadows has 4 sons and 2 dogs represents the new model for women who can have it all.

Meadows started Simple Tax Solutions after working in corporate America because she believed she had a greater calling. She quit her 9-5 job and founded Simple Tax Solutions LLC in the same year. For almost 6 months, Meadows worked non-stop like never before teaching herself how to accurately prepare tax returns, the foundations of business education, solid marketing campaigns and more.

“I lost plenty of rest, missed out on many parties, and so much more. But I believed in myself, my formula and knew by January 2018 I was going to make six figures,’ Meadows told us.

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She also provides financial literacy in the Birmingham community hosting classes and webinars for all ages. ‘It’s important for me to educate others about financial literacy because the school systems don’t teach in depth about this subject matter. Financial literacy is important because it equips us with knowledge and skills necessary for money management and decision making,’ Meadows told us. 

Meadows said her company will be hosting a tax and credit course soon because tax filing education should be provided in schools. “Especially to the young adults venturing to look for their first job. Taxes are beneficial to low income individuals and families. Whether it’s buying a new home, applying for a new job, or even starting a new business, it is important to understand and be taught all financial aspects that come to place like income taxes and credit,” she said.

We also partner with IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider and Mind Your Assets Tax School to help employ their recent graduating Tax Professionals.

I also have my tax coaching business, #LevelUp 2.0 Tax Coaching and Consulting, where I mentor and train tax business owners to help scale their businesses. With non-stop success, asked Meadows what obstacles she overcame while starting her business and her answer was simple hiring.

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“One hurdle I’ve overcome as a new business owner has been hiring the right employees. Assets need to be put in place to accommodate the growth of the business. Finding the right employees and team members is so important because we must all have the same vision in order to work together effectively. Building the right team is crucial to a growing business in order for things to operate correctly. Many people do not take this into consideration when starting a business,” she said.

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Simple Tax Solutions Offers:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Business tax returns
  • Notary services
  • Assisting small business start-ups, establishing business credit
  • Bookkeeping, and Payroll services

Her advice to new entrepreneurs is

Why did you start this business? [This will push you to keep going.] Challenge yourself and let go of comfort. Being in uncomfortable situations leads to growth and a plan without action is just a dream.

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