Meet Lakeshia Crawford serial entrepreneur who expanded Eden’s Natural Effects to Alabama


Entrepreneurship is at an all time high and one woman is making her way through multiple industries one day at a time.

Lakeshia and Renardo Crawford are owners of Eden’s Natural Effects LLC, which has officially expanded from Georgia, to now being in two stores in Alabama.

The flavored sea moss gel and elderberry syrups are now sold at Carter’s Drug Store in Selma, AL, and Dave’s Supermarket in Valley Grande, AL.

One day Lakeshia stopped by a grocery store in Selma and decided to talk to the owner about Eden’s Natural Effects LLC being sold in their store. After one quick conversation, their products were on the shelf and quickly spread to another store in the area.

She is also owner of Graceland Dental Assisting, a job readiness program that hosts classes for 6 weeks and ensures her students have hands on-training to obtain a job right after graduation.

She is well known in the Alabama community for giving back through her ministry endeavors and mentorship to help young professionals elevate in their career.

This couple also has a staffing business called R & L Staffing Solutions, a temporary and contract employment agency completing extensive screenings and thorough interviews, to ensure companies have the right people on staff.

Eden’s Natural Effects LLC sells the following, which can be purchased here

  • Eden’s Raw Irish Sea Moss
  • Eden’s Raw Irish Sea Moss (Fruit Infused) 
  • Eden’s Herbal Tea
  • Eden’s Elderberry Syrup
  • Black Seed Oil Capsules
  • Burdock Capsules 
  • Bladderwrack Capsules 
  • Eden’s Soursop Tea
  • Eden’s Soursop Capsules 
  • Eden’s Relaxation Tea
  • Eden’s Memory Enhancement Tea

If you would like to schedule an interview with her go here.

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