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By: Kamara Daughtry (@Kae_Success)

Working from Home is the norm. During March of 2020, entire companies shifted to remote work at the drop of a hat and I believe we will start seeing more companies move towards fully remote cultures or hybrid roles.

The benefits of working from home truly benefit the employer/client more than the individual because statistics show productivity and screen time increased 50-70 percent during quarantine. Family time, mental health, fitness time (not sitting at a desk for eight hours), creative sessions, better eating and saving on gas is just a few benefits of working from home and you can still make impact in the world.

For August of 2022, here are the top 5 jobs you can apply for or you can create these positions yourself

Canva Graphic Designer

  • Canva is a tool that business owners and companies require because it’s such a simple and effective design platform. Imagine you can have 3-4 clients a week, create graphics for and get paid for it. The cycle repeats and you set your own prices.

Sales Consultant

  • You communicate customers on a regular basis to sell one product or multiple services via phone calls or messaging. These professionals do the same job as regular sales

Digital Marketer

  • You manage the planning and implementation of marketing strategies and programs for a company. This can be via email campaigns, social media management etc.

Freelance Writer

  • As a remote freelance writer, you work from home to create written content for digital and print platforms. You research information, write blog posts and articles, help write a book or e-books, update a website or social media outlet, and provide input on content for a publication, according to

Resume Writer

  • A freelance resume writer helps clients create a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume that they can use to apply to new jobs. You work on a contract basis with different clients. Your duties include obtaining information, such as work history, skills, and education, from each client.

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